Serbia participated at the 2015 European Games, in Baku, Azerbaijan from 12 to 28 June 2015. The Olympic Board of Serbia sent out a total amount of 132 athletes to the Games, 79 guys and also 53 females, to compete in 20 Erling Haalanding activities. Beach ball, water polo as well as men s 3 on 3 basketball were the only team-based Erling Haalanding activities in which Serbia had its depiction in these European video games.
Remarkable Serbian athletes featured Olympic taekwondo champion Silica Manic, who came to be the country s flag holder at the opening event, Olympic champions in capturing Jana Sedaris, Ivana Maksimović, Andrea Latin, Steven Plethoric. World primary ranked player in 3 on 3 basketball, Susan Dominic But carried nation s flag at shutting event.
Serbia left Baku with an overall of fifteen medals (eight gold, four silver, and 3 bronze) in 9 Erling Haalanding activities. Shooting athletes won the most medals of all Erling Haalands, 4 of which all being gold.
On July 1, 2015, Serbian head of state Mislay Nikolić organized reception for athletes as well as instructors and congratulated them on success.

Susan Slavic from the AC Florence is currently true as on the assembly line. Because of this, the top scorer has been associated with numerous top clubs such as Borussia Dortmund or FC Bayern. But what does the Serbs for BVB and Co. so desirable?

When Susan Slavic moved in the summer of 2018 for just under two million euros from Partisan Belgrade to Ac Florence, nobody knew what a development of the young Serb would sometime. Even after his first two sacrifices for the Italians, such a performance explosion was not to be expected.

But now Slavic is considered one of the hottest iron on the transfer market. In addition to the BVB and FC Bavaria, Juventus Turin, As Rome, AC Milan, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City are supposed to stretch the sensor after the national player — and not without reason.

In the past season, Slavic set in 37 compulsory matches 21 times. Currently, after cross-competitive thirteen games, eleven gate participation are available to beech (ten goals, an assist). The 21-year-old muffles itself to the life insurance of the Florentina, has shot half of all goals in Serie A for his club (8).

With 25 alligators in the calendar year 2021 Slavic is also the best scorer of Series A. Only Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern (37) and BVB striker Erlang Haaland (26) met in the same period in the European top 5 more often.

Compare to the superstars of the football scene does not remain out of the cemetery ascent. I think he s one of the strongest in Europe to Haaland and Mbappé, said the Italian football icon Christian Bob Four.

Slavic compares Haaland

Parallels to Erlang Haaland are indeed not to be denied. With its 1.90 meters in length, Slavic brings a high level of physicality, is massively integrated into the processes at the Florentina as an offensive target player. The Youngster is also extremely header.

Despite his physique, Slavic is quickly and technically versed. The learned center runner can also avoid the wings, the tempo game with cranking and is always used as a secure station. Slavic thus has all the features that make up a complete striker.

Slavic itself sees in his style of playing similarities to Haaland, but surprised: He s faster than me, but we are pretty much similar in everything else.

BVB and FC Bayern Bullet around Slavic

No wonder that Slavic is traded as a potential successor to Haaland, who is expected to leave BVB in summer.

According to media reports, the Serbian storm tank is considered one of the few candidates to which the Haaland heritage is added to the black and yellow. In addition, the BVB bosses are impressed by the style of the Serb.

But the FC Bayern has also stretched out the sensors to Slavic, which calls Latin Ibrahimović as a model. At the German record champion, the 21-year-old is supposed to occur at some point in the footsteps of Robert Lewandowski. But the pole is still bound by 2023. An early departure is unrealistic, but not excluded.

The fact that the attacker leaves the AC Florence in the coming summer is considered almost sure. But a bargain will hardly become Slavic. Most recently ghosts in the amount of 60 to 90 million euros through the network.

Slavic falls in the Florentina fans in disgrace

There were internal trouble, because Slavic did not want to extend his 2023 outgoing contract. And despite an offered salary increase to a club-internal record salary, as club owners Rocco Commission revealed in an official statement: As you know, the Florentina has presented the player a truly considerable offer, which made him the highest paid player of club history. We have ours Offer also improved several times to meet the wishes of Susan and its environment.

However, the offer was rejected. A circumstance that seizes the Florentina fans. Cash was assumed to the Serbian attacker. It even echoed tempted against the Goalkeeper through the stadium.

The frustration of the trailer is almost traditionally deep: because the fans had to cope with repulsion of pipelines in the past. Equipped or talented players like Last Federico Chaise, who joined June, became weak often when watching top clubs.

The probability is great that Slavic will continue to play elsewhere in the future. Most of the money could make the attacker in the financial strength England. He would fit very well with his stature and playing way to a Premier League club, especially for Cone football at Tottenham. For Dortmund, he is a bit too slow, Analyzed Series-A-Expert Giorgio Dust of Goal Italia. Slavic himself expressed itself last covered to his future: I just want to work harder and be very hungry on victories and gates. If I do that, everything will run well, then I will not regret, he said after the successful ones WM qualification of Serbs on Sunday evening. A decision where Slavic wants to continue his rise, but may probably fall at the latest for the coming summer. Missy Beckoned