Khan: Immortal Sovereigns is a real-time approach computer game Developed by Time gate Studios and published on PC by Technique First in March 2001. The game takes area in a medieval-fantastic world and traces a conflict between four factions of immortals, the Khan. It uses a game system very different from that of timeless real-time strategy games. The gamers base is represented by a city, with places to build infrastructure, and the game does not incorporate or gather resources. Instead, the sources are created in the cities as well as only one of them can be kept, the others being utilized immediately for the upkeep of the soldiers. On the army degree, the player does not manage his units separately but with firms, including basic troops and support, under the command of a captain. At his departure, the game is the subject of instead favorable criticism in the specialized press, that deplores his instead plain atmosphere yet who invites the creativity of his PC gaming system as well as his calculated choices, and is notably elected the finest technique game of The year by the magazine Computer system Gaming World.
Khan: Immortal Sovereigns delights in an expansion called Khan: Ahrimans Gift as well as released by Technique First in the kind of stand-alone in 2001. It also takes advantage of a sequel led Khan II: Kings of War and published by Take 2 Interactive in 2004. This takes the major lines of the video game system of its predecessor but take advantage of three-dimensional graphics.

If you are looking for a cost-effective build who is absolutely rocking, then the Summoner-Werbär-Druide a.k.a. Owner a.k.a. Town Dump Warfare for you. His name Town Dump Weber received this Drudge because he is based on a Owner build, the equipment costs are low and due to the fact that some common and stubborn bears are often hanging around on the garbage charges of the cities. The build is equipment dependent, but most items are not only easy to find, but also very favorable when trading.

In principle, the build is a solo-ready variant of the well-known shockwave advertising, which is primarily as a supporter. It is based on the design practices and promotional trees. You will fight on the side of your summoned companions and how to cut butter by physically immune monsters. Unlike certain magic and many melee builds, there is no real weaknesses in this Druid. Another point that speaks for this build is that he can already be completed in the early 80s, so that you have your maximum effectiveness when levels in the difficulty degree of difficulty.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Immortal King Set  Where To Farm? / See Description
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Summoner Werbär-Druid

very bankable ✔
beginner-friendly ✔
Strong incantations ✔
Also as a supporter very good ✔

❌ requires special equipment
❌ Measured gameplay
❌ Low mobility
❌ Leaves for damage to his summons

The starter build


Diablo 2 Resurrected: The skills of the Summoner Wear Build on Character Level 76 (skill bond through normal / nightmare / hell quests included) Source: equipment sets 1 point in the following skills:

Heart of the Wiesel
Grizzly summon

Maximizes the following skills approximately evenly in this order:

Square (5 points)
Summon the wolf of horror
Heart of the Wiesel
Grizzly summon


Strength: Sufficient points for wearing the equipment
Skill: Sufficient points for wearing the equipment
Vitality: The rest of the points


Diablo 2 resurrected: The Summoner Wear Druid is essentially based on parts of the immortal king barbarian sets on Source: equipment The following equipment contains Ladder Rome words, but because of its popularity according to Blizzard in Diablo 2 Resurrected will be unlocked for the first time in single player and multiplayer mode ( The same applies to Ladder Unique and Horatio Cube Recipes.

Helmet: Calls Mane (Druid Fur)
Armor: 3-socket armor with rune word Customs (Shall + Um + Thus)
Weapon: Stone smaller of the immortal king (set weapon, pocketed with 2 Shael-Runen)
Gloves: Immortal king forge (set gloves)
Belt: Squad of Immortal King (Set Belt)
Boots: Pillar of immortal king (set boots)
Amulet: Maras Kaleidoscope (unique amulet) or magic / rare amulet with bonuses on Druid Skills
Ring 1: Rabenfrost (unique ring)
Ring 2: Passing (unique ring with Level 21 poison-crawler loads)
Spell: Focus on surrounding factories, resistance, life, attack value

The Summoner Wear Druid is essentially based on parts of the immortal king barbarian sets, because its set sub-bonus ensure the set-weapon so high elementary damage bonuses that physically immune monsters are easily falling. The RabenFrost ring ensures that the druid can not be frozen, and the Passing ring grants Level 21 poison-crawler loads without having to invest a point in the skill. Any gaps in resistance cover her about magic in the inventory.


Type: Act 2 desert oils (offensive) from the difficulty level nightmare with power aura
Equipment: Helm of the Tail Rash Sets, (essential) 3-socket armor with the runner betray (Shall + Thus + LEM), (Essential) 4 -Socket rod weapon with the rune word insight (RAN + AIR + TAIL + SOL)

Recommended is a power aura version as it provides you with a mercenary, which further strengthens the damage to your incantations. The weapon of the mercenary serves as a meditation source (regenerate MANA faster) so that your shock wave can spam synonymous with MANA combustion monsters. The helmet of the Tail Rasha-Sets grants the mercenary a great ability to survive.


Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Summoner Werbär-Druide stuns as many opponents as possible, while his companions destroy the monsters he previously made harmless Source: equipment

Summoned companions play the lead role in this build. Therefore, ensures that your heart of the Wiesel, the maximum number of ravens and the three wolves of horror are permanently active. Grizzly is used in boss fighting. Furthermore, you summon the poison crawler if you already have the passing ring.
Stay always at the forefront and stuns as many opponents as possible, while your companions destroy the monsters that they have previously made harmless.
If you have the struggle under control, or in physically immune opens, you herself struggles with harsh.
This build is also ideal as a supporter in the group game.
Have fun with your powerful zoo!

The following video shows the summoner advertising in action.


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