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As underdogs of SV Frisian Risum-Lindholm went into the duel with the class leader TSV Borehole. While Borehole is still unbeaten at the top, the Frisian fights meanwhile in mid-table at any point may still qualify even for the Masters round. When runner was but ultimately nothing to take. Despite a strong first half in which it was possible for guests to keep the Bordesholmer offensive department surprisingly consistent from its own gate, the pressure grew on the SV defensive bulwark at the latest in the second round and on and eventually led to its collapse. Okay (70) (47) and Putz buried while the dreams of guests within eight minutes after the restart. In the style of a top team to Borehole showed up visibly cracked guests continue torhungrig and put in the further course two goals after. First made Slimmer for the preliminary decision for exactly 70 minutes in the final minutes increased by Putz his second goal to 4: 0 final score.

Triple Flag shocks Altenholz — Kronshagen annoys Eckernförde

Also, torhungrig to Border Holds Top Followers TSB Flensburg showed offeree and fourth-placed TSV Altenholz with 5: 0 from. Unlike the class leader was Flensburg but from the beginning the avoidance of doubt and made already through one record straight. It started doing Flag that after a quarter of an hour the first hit of the afternoon scored (14). A short time later put to Hole (27) before again Flag the spot was and the game before the break, decided (30). If you had to single out at this 14th match day one player, then it would undoubtedly Flensburg striker Hendrik been Flag. The (attacker) of the TSB has been involved in nearly every offensive action of the owners and rewarded his feat 57 minutes with his third goal of the day. The final point of the game sat Can just over an hour (62) to 5: 0 final score.

While the top two marched ahead, the Eckernförder SV, meanwhile, has made for more than one month without competitive match an embarrassing gaffe at bottom club TSV Kronshagen and thus lost the connection to the top. It looked in through one pending after an enjoyable trip to the north-east of Kiel. 12 minutes into Attender had the 1: 0 lead achieved, which also took the team by Main Haber lag into the cabin without much effort with. Immediately after the restart, however, the tide turned from the view of guests that some lining up in 49 minutes unhappy in his own penalty and the opponent helped by a penalty kick back in the game. Jess could not be asked twice, and utterly to 1: 1. As a result, the lack of rhythm in the game score showed. Again and again, errors crept in the game forward, and when the guests had but once combined until the TSV-keeper Beckman, the coolness was missing in the Pits. Despite the significant opportunity Plus jumped for the ESV ultimately no more than a meager dot at bottom out.