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BIC Showcase X Vesta 2021 Displays 65 Indie Games to visit the visitors

BIC 2021 exhibition and BIC game jam 2021 Available in various genres of Indie game including winner

Susan Metropolitan City (Market Park, Hyung Jun) and Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency (Chief Chung Do), and the Society, Susan Indian Couple Organizing Committee (Organizational Committee West Ticket), the BIC Showcase X-Star 2021 It said it was on the 22nd.

65 Indie games participated in Bic Showcase X Vesta 2021 exhibition. In September, the BIC 2021 Awards in the 121-kind game, which was introduced in the September 19th game, BIC 2021 Award in the 121-kind game, BIC Game Jam Through the Vesta Secretariat, it was held in a showcase of the largest size of the game, which is a game of 30 games that have been received through the Goa Secretariat, and 5 games produced by game academy students. EXALT and NC soft participated in sponsorship.

The BIC showcase X Vesta 2021 exhibition arranged at the first exhibition hall gained a hot response than ever. The visitors who visited the booth are participating in the Indy Game Tasting Test to help find the indie game exhibitions that fit their tastes, while enjoying various indie games around the world, to ask the developer of each game, It showed that it was in communication.

In particular, the BIC organization supported contest programs for Indie game developers with Exhale, who has been sponsored a BIC festival for four consecutive years.

Big Band Tartu festivalil Happy Big Band Weekend 2021

The BIC Showcase (Turn, which won the Xsolla Excellence Award to participate in the BIC Showcase 2021, has a $7,000 prize money and Xsolla Funding Club benefits, $2,000, which is $2,000.. The Lesser Games, which won the Booth visitor voting, the Lesser Games, which won the Xsolla Next Generation Award, the Lesser Games of the has been supported for $3,000 and the Xsolla Funding Club benefits.

Susan Indian Cone Connect Pestle SEO Tagging The Organizational Chairman said, The BIC Showcase X-Star 2021 has received a hot response than ever, and successfully exhibited the exhibition, said, Many visitors have played directly and communicate with developers I believe that you gave me. I am looking forward to playing games officially to the users who enjoy the game.

Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency operates Susan Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Game Center for Susan Metropolitan City, Cultural Athletics and Korea Content Promotion Agency for Industrial Gross Province. The Bic festival is held every year with the Organizing Committee.