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EA and DICE currently hits sticky thick — since the release of Battlefield 2042, hell is literally. The players are furious and make their disappointment on Metacritic and Steam belonging air. The verdict is so depressing that the shooter even owed a crass negative record.

Battlefield 2042 is criticized sharply

With the release on November 19th everything could have been fine, but exactly the opposite is the case for most of the players. Already a bumpy ear-access phase announced a large disaster for Battlefield 2042 and also a saving day-one patch could not eliminate the frustration of the fans.

Now the multiplayer shooter of DICE and EA gets the receipt — on metacritic and Steam the game is incredible bad reviews and a devastating rating.

At Steam, the shooter is currently provided with the seal Mostly negative and the incredible 36,000 reviews. Just once 26 percent The players have issued a positive assessment to the Game (Source: Steam).

That even brings a special sad record with him. On the website Steam 250, the video game entries with the worst reviews are listed at all in a top list. Among the all-smooth PC games on Steam home Battlefield 2042 now the ninth place (Source: Steam250).

Battlefield 2042 WORST LAUNCH EVER?

In addition to rather unknown candidates, there is also quite fresh the reboot of INAMI — Efootball 2022 — at the top of the horror list.

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What is the plaything classes on Metacritic?

This heart beat for the shooter is still accompanied by another bitter rating metacritic. While the PC version at the press is still a passable, if even unsatisfactory score of 73 can inside, the user score is significantly heated. The playing ones awarded just a rating of 2.3 (Source: Metacritic).

The reviews on Metairie speak a significant language: the players recognize their beloved franchise in the new offshoot just not again.

The lists with problem points are long and usually summarize the same. Well-known and important functions as well as contents are simply not available. Whether scoreboard, classes or the voice chat — everything is missing. The game is just unfinished and not so enjoy.

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