Successful action for Chelsea owners Roman Abramovich: A London court decided on Wednesday that a book that claims that the billionaire would have bought the London Soccer Club in 2003 on pressure of Russia, defamatory. Abramovich had with selectors against statements in the book Putin’s People: How The KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took on the West ( Putin’s people: as the KGB Russia recaptured and then complained of the West attack ). In the book, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had assisted Abramovich to buy FC Chelsea to strengthen its own influence in the UK. Abramovich, Russian-Israeli oligarch, had bought the current Champions League winner in 2003 and has since been investing hundreds of millions of pounds in the club around Team Manager Thomas Tuchel. With the blues, the three German international Kai Heinz, Time Werner and Antonio Rudder are also under contract.