As the Gods Will (Japanese: 神さまの言うとおり, Hepburn: Kami-sama no IU Tori) is a Japanese manga series written by Sneak Keynesian as well as illustrated by Keri Fujiwara. The collection is composed of two components.
The initial part was adapted into a live activity film routed by Takashi Mike released 15 November 2014.

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Korea Canada E-Sports, Ghibli Esports, etc. Six Teams, etc.

Today (25th) at 7:00 pm Weekly Survival Day 3 Match Progress

Creighton has released the results of the first week of Weekly Survival Day 2 of the Pub Global E-Sports Competition (Battle Ground) Global E Sports Competition.

On the 24th, Yeongjongdo, Jungle, Yeongjongdo Paradise City Plaza, PGC 2021, the second day of Weekly Survival, A total of six matches, the European Virus. Pro, Team Liquid, Korea’s Canada E-Sports, GhiBli Esports, GPL Esports, Ghibli Esports, GPL Esports and China have entered the first week’s Weekly Final.

The strength of Korean teams standard out. Canada E-Sports matched Match 2, GhiBli Esports acquires the Chicken of Match 3, GPL Esports, and the three teams confirmed the Weekly Finals.

The teams excluding 11 teams that have been established on the 23rd, followed by the 3-day Match of Weekly Survival of Weekly Survival today (October 25). A team that earned each match chicken is further issued to the Weekly Finals on Saturday and Sunday this week. The team of the team will be put on a match from Enter Force.36, Japan, Japan, Japan, which is ranked 27th in Japan.

Today (25th) After all the first week of Weekly Survival Match, the final 16 teams failed to advance to the Weekly Finals will arrange the ranking of the Route Monday, Bantam in, and regulates ranking from 17th to 32nd.

The Weekly Series and bottom seashore matches, including the Weekly Survival Match on Today (25th), can be watched in 7pm YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV, Never TV, and TikTok Official Channel. You can get the righteousness of the winner forecasting event ‘Pix Dem Challenge’ vote through the code that is released during the relay, and you can obtain a free EP from the tweet drops of the tweet relay channel, Pick & Go event.

Purchase of the winner forecast votes and special game items is possible until 6 pm on December 18, before the final game of PGC 2021. PGC 2021 Item 30% of item sales revenue will be added to the general prize money.

The Battle Ground e-sports related information, including PGC 2021, can be found in the official homepage.