[Kids News 24, Begin Jing Jing Jing) (Lee CWA Hook Bin) (Lee Hook Kim) supported the Epic Seven game linked with the International Vaccine Research Institute (Jerome Kim, ROK) and the IVI Korea Supporters (Park Sang-cheol) I published the donation delivery ceremony on the 25th.

This donation delivery ceremony was carried out by the head of the Smile Gate Mega Port Won Hewn, Jerome, Kim ROW IVI Secretary General, Park Sang-cheol IVI Korea Representative, Super Creative King Kyuhyun, Kim Hyung Seek, and Smile Gate Hope Studio,

This fund will be used to support Coll era vaccination and preventive business of local residents, including Nepal’s child youth. With donation support, approximately 20,000 people of the residents of the Coll era vulnerable to the Children’s Youth, such as children’s adolescents, will receive vaccination.

The IVI side said, If you do not receive a cheaper that is frequently caused by a cleavage in Nepal, 50% of the patients are killed, In Nepal, in Nepal, the World Health Organization is being supported in some areas, but in some areas, it is a cholera vaccination in some areas, but the need for urgent support was so that it was not supported in the Longhand area.

Nov 19, 2021 ACIP Meeting - Welcome & Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccines
Meanwhile, the donation campaigns conducted in September were planned in a game way that global users of the Mobile Role Performance Game (RPG) ‘Epic Seven’ participated. As part of that, Epic Seven Developers showed a hope package in the super crime, and donations have been donated to the desired package sales (excluding market fees).

Donation campaigns have participated in Smile Gate Mega Port and Smile Gate Stoves, Super Creative, Rosa (Japan Publisher).

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Won Hun Hun mun Smile Gate Mega Port Main Director said, This is a good idea to have a pleasant donation culture that plays a game and contribute to the society, which is a game user who enjoys a game, and a pleasant donation culture that contributes to society, which has played a game and contribute to society, Gate said the positive value of the game will preach and try with the users for sustainable social development.