1979 Change: Black Friday is an interactive and also experience dramatization video game developed and published by Ink Studios, with the help of N-Fusion Interactive. It was launched on April 5, 2016, for Microsoft Windows as well as macOS, on June 10, 2016, for IOS tools and also December 14, 2016, for Android devices. The players control Reza Shiraz, an aspirant photographer, that returns to Iran in the center of the Iranian transformation. As he comes to be more associated with the events of the Change, Reza is compelled to choose to endure. Gamers make answers timed throughout the game, identifying the outcome of the story.
The video game was under growth for four years, and also was created to combine components of video game as well as docudramas with an eye-catching narration. The Supervisor of the Video Game David Khomeini, who was a child in Iran at the time of the Revolution, established the video game with the intent of making players understand the ethical obscurity of the scenario. The growth group performed extensive study for the game, speaking with historical and also Iranian academics who lived in Tehran during the change, in addition to collecting countless pictures as well as historic speeches. The activities of the game were tape-recorded utilizing the capture of activity, and also each of the characters established with attitudes and ambiguous principles.

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