The shooter World War 3 looks like the Polish answer to Battlefield 2042 — but launched in 2018. Now already tried the game restarts in the closed beta. So it gets competitors from the house of EA in a turbulent phase. This is also the reviews on Steam.

World War 3 has been in development in 2018. With a new version of the game is now launched on Steam and in a closed beta. The restart began just days after a bumpy start of Battlefield 2042 — and loads so that a to compare.

Who are the developers? World War 3 comes from the Polish developer The Farm 51. The studio has this July has drawn attention to himself with the game Chernobyl ite. This of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inspired Survival was generally in positive, has 75 on Metacritic (via Metacritic) and very positive reviews on Steam (via Steam).

World War 3 is in development since 2018th The developers are now trying to restart with a new version of the game.

How do I play the game? Since November 25 is the game in closed beta test (CBT). This is intended to go in March 2022 (via My. Games). All that World War 3 already own or buy it now on Steam, may participate in the closed beta. The game is playable on the PC and costs on Steam €12.99 (via Steam).

The Polish response to Battlefield?

Even if the restart would not be so soon after the release of Battlefield 2042, World War 3 would remind Battlefield. With a modern war setting, large maps, many modifiable weapons and vehicles such as tanks, the game strongly oriented to the competition from DICE.

How does the game play Up to 40 players can compete against each other into two game modes:

In mode Tactical operations two teams must conquer control points of each 20 players.
In the classic Team Deathwatch teams compete with 10 players against each other. The aim here is to collect faster than the opposing team more kills.

Already on the mode Tactical operations, the similarities with Battlefield are clearly visible. This mode is reminiscent of conquest from the Battlefield series.

But the Battlefield games not only serve as inspiration for the game: The loadout menu reminds appearance and content strongly to Call of Duty. Also, a mechanism which is reminiscent of the Kill streaks from Cod is present in the game.

World War 3 comes to Steam at better than Battlefield 2042

The launch of Battlefield 2042 was a very turbulent: The game got durchwachsene reviews from critics and was torn on Steam of users. The developers were allegedly even death threats.

Steam Reviews say Battlefield 2042 SUCKS! EA & Dice learned NOTHING from the Beta!
World War 3 crosses at Steam users so despite average Appreciation significantly better than Battlefield 2042:

How are the ratings compared to Battlefield? World War 3 currently has 64% positive reviews (via Steam). By comparison, Battlefield 2042 has only 32% (via Steam). However, World War 3 has only about 15,000 reviews on Steam. Compared: About 50,000 Steam users have given a review for Battlefield 2,042nd

The pure mass of reviews is therefore not fully comparable, but a clear trend can be seen with the fans. Especially since some players say explicitly that they 3 just better find World War as Battlefield 2042 and the bumpy release of AAA Shooters advance:

Had a rough start, then almost died, then strongly reborn. Veteran Alpha was a dream compared to BF2042 beta. If they keep at it, it can be something real. (Walls on Steam)
The game has the potential to be a real Battlefield competitor! (Ludwig958 on Steam)
Please push the game and look nevertheless also even a look. It can only be better than currently Battlefield! (XxSnakeXx [GER] on Steam)

Whether the game can take advantage of the current situation of Battlefield 2042 will tell. You seek for an alternative for Battlefield 2042? Will you try World War 3? Let us know in the comments like us.

EA and DICE are working during which the problems of Battlefield 2042:

Battlefield 2042 will finally fix its biggest problems roadmap shows with over 200 enhancements