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Robert Voloder leaves 1 FC Cologne finally gene Maribor

In the summer of 2021, the 20-year-old central defender of the 1st FC Cologne was changed to Maribor on a loan. Older became permanently regular and completed 20 games (two goals) for the Slovenian record champion. To commit the German U-20 international, Maribor now moved the purchase option. Older played since 2016 at the Hench colors, but came due to the competition in the defense on no Bundesliga use. In the Regionally West, the native Frankfurter completed 27 lots. Robert has developed into the regular player, that makes us happy Robert has developed for him since his change to the regular player, that makes us happy for him, and that’s why it was the logical step that Maribor draws the purchase option. We wish him all the best and good luck for his future, Jörg Jacobs, sporty ladder became At FC, quoted in a club message.

World of Tanks sued Cheat

War gaming, the makers behind World of Tanks, drive heavy guns: they demand 670 million rubles damages from a Russian citizen, which corresponds to a little more than 8 million euros. The cheat creator sold thousands of packages with cheat and bot programs in Games World of Tanks or World of Warships. As a result, War gaming had caused great damage. The lawsuit is considered precedent in Russia.

What’s in the action?

As a Russian fan site reports to World of Tanks, a court in Moscow has opened a lawsuit against a resident of Yekaterinburg, a city with 1.3 million inhabitants east of the Ural Mountains (via Express).
The man is accused of spreading bots and cheats that lead to users of the programs enjoy an unfair advantage over other players. The programs were distributed via pages called Cyber ​​Tank (World of Tanks) and Cyber ​​Ship (World of Warships). The prices for the programs should have between 30 cents and 25 euros.
According to the Belarusian developer War gaming, these bots would lead to honest players lose the interest in the game.

Fully automatic bot and program indicating weaknesses

What are this for programs? According to the descriptions, there are typical cheat programs. A program has marked the vulnerability of the opposing vehicle and grants the cheater with unfair benefits.

Another program is to be taken in AutoPlay mode the full control of the vehicle and made it possible to earn in-game currency and experience points without being logged in itself.

How is the procedure so far ? It is said that the accused had his guilt, during the preliminary investigation, fully confessed. But then revoke the confession in court.

The determination was initiated by a special department, the office K of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia.

Today, on December 27, the court now wants to examine the evidence generally, testify and sacrifice. The accused had been plotted to keep themselves available and apparently do not leave the country.

The case will be described as precise falling in Russia. To bring someone for an unfair intervention in computer games in court, has not previously failed.

should be treated like theft or fraud

That says War gaming : A legal agenda of War gaming says, one had helped an expert opinion to determine the damage. The damage loves to 670 million rubles, about 8 million euros.

According to War gaming, creating and selling such programs is the same as theft or fraud and must therefore be covered in the legal area.

In Russia, there is new territory here, in the USA such lawsuits against bot manufacturers are almost normal. Blizzard has guided and won a legendary fight against a German provider of bots:

WOT - Game Rigging Cheaters Exposed | World of Tanks

Wow: German Bot Manufacturer Boss land sounds surprisingly depressed

The attraction of the Rhodes Island Senki which is loved after 30 years the unexpected past the new expansion that is still hidden at the origin of Light Novell

In recent years, as one of the genres, Light Novel, which shows a wide range of age groups. The words were born are also being said to be around 1990, and the foundation was far, and the foundation was created.

One of the foundations is one of the foundations, one of the works that is often referred to as the origin of Light Novel is a novel Rhodes Island Sent by Mr. Hiroshi Milano.

At that time, many readers focused on junior and senior high school students seeking this work, and showed the momentum that has been connected to animation and game development. Even after 30 years of release of Volume 1, the name is not buried in the past.

What kind of attraction was such a long seller work? It is approaching that the outbreak of its unexpected past or present.

■ The first step of Rhodes Island Sent called Light Novel origin was not a novel?

It is the foundation of light novels, and it is Rhodes Island Sent who supported the early days, but the beginning is not a novel. This Rhodes Island Sent was born from the entertainment called Table Talk RPG (hereinafter referred to as RPG), which each participant plays a character and promoting the story in the conversation subject.

Although the word entertainment may mislead, RPG is content with many users worldwide, and this is also called the origin of Computer RPG.

Because it is different from the main subject, it will be a brief explanation, but RPG prepares the world and the story of the world, and the presented situation cooperating and enjoys the results and analog to enjoy the results It is a play.

Spelled this RPG, and it is called replay that the one who loses to the text is called Replay, but Rhodes Island Sent began as a serialized work of this replay type. Replaying is a slightly violent summary, but it may be easy to understand if it is considered as a text version of game real condition.

Rhodes, a Brief History

Moreover, Rhodes Island Sent replay is posted on the Continue Magazine of the PC magazine. In the digital game-based magazine, the English-to-handling the RPG of the analog game was rewarded with the result of being well-received by the reader.

In response to such a response, a novel version Rhodes island Sent that has been written as a novel based on the Replay Version Rhodes Island Sent later is a novel version Rhodes Island Sent.

By the way, Mr. Milano is in charge of master in the replay version. The position of the Creator of Rhodes Island Sent has not changed even in the replay version, as well as the novel version.

Christmas arrives at Halo Infinite with rewards for all those who participate in the multiplayer

The Christmas celebrations have invaded Halo Infinite, courtesy of the new event called ‘Winter Contingency’. Since today, players will be able to receive an exclusive gift per day, and this pattern will continue until the next December 30. All you have to do to receive your daily gift will be completing a game within the multiplayer, either in ARENA mode or BIG Team Battle.

The event will end on January 4 between rewards you will receive, there is the ‘Peppermint Laughter’ appearance for your weapons and armor, which we can appreciate in action within the trailer. We do not know all the gifts of the event, but you can also get new shoulders, emblems and more, as described by the official statement.

Halo Infinite LASO is FINALLY done - Headmaster Achievement Guide

It is worth mentioning that the rewards will be unlocked as the days of the event pass, so you can not get everything immediately, regardless of how much you play without taking a break.

Although the last gift will be unlocked on December 30, the event will continue until January 4, and each daily reward will remain available until that date. This will give you an extra time to get everything before it disappears, so do not worry if one day you do not have time to play.

This Christmas event is only a part of the euphoria with infinite halo after its official launch. The game still hides many secrets People start discovering, as the reference to Craig Meme, and if you have not had time to try it, do not hesitate to take a look at our analysis.

GameCenter Huawei Game Platform details improvements in the experience of players and developers

In recent years, we have seen that the video game sector has grown at unimaginable levels at mobile market, it enjoys great popularity in countries such as India. This increase in players has led Huawei Lance Game center, a platform that arrived in Europe in 2020 to unite communities and offer a substantial benefit plan. In this sense, Game center has presented new developments that improve the experience of players and developers, something he has done through a day in which 3DGOGOS has also participated.

On the one hand, the platform presents new features such as preorders, which increases user facilities among advantages such as multiple visibility slots, silent download to improve the Rate conversion and push messages. Added to this, Gamekeeper also premieres the possibility of playing in anticipated access, which will help collect information about the performance of the titles in the different Huawei mobiles and will be available for developers.

49% of the market share of video games correspond to Rachel Cervantes mobile games But the novelties do not end here, since Huawei has also revealed improvements focused on players and mobile video game developers. Starting with the former, the Chinese brand will reward the consumption of micropayments with Huawei Points, which will accumulate depending on the user’s expenditure and will allow the purchase of other games, as well as downloadable content. And, for players who invest more than 500 euros per month in the application, a VIP program has been created in which Huawei Points Coupons are offered additional, which provides up to 25% discount In your purchases.

As for the creation of video games, Huawei has also advanced news for mobile game developers. In this sense, they have been announced funds for sector professionals, global marketing resources, personalized promotional models and strategic collaboration with advertising and joint release with other products. In addition, Huawei does not want games to forget quickly, and that is why it says a longer life cycle with marketing campaigns, communication of new versions of titles and rewards for anticipated access players.

Huawei has been working closely with Tencent for the exploration of new ways to play, because the mobile market is increasingly popular among video game users. Because, as Raquel Cervantes recalled, a collaborator of 3DGames, during the presentation day, in 2020 this industry billed 174.9 billion dollars, and 49% of the market share of video games corresponds to games of Mobile.

Marvel Future Revolution introduces Magik and celebrates the new Spider movie

Lords Mobile is a computer game established and also published by EGG, and is readily available to download and install on Android, iOS, and also Vapor. The game is free to play as well as supplies in-app purchases. According to Application Annie, the game is one of the top-grossing apps (technique) on the Application Store (iOS) as well as Google Play. The main summary of the game states that it has greater than 200 million gamers around the world.
In 2016, Lords Mobile won the Google Play Honors for Finest Affordable Game, and in 2017 it was chosen for Ideal Multiplayer Game and also called Android Excellence Game by Google.

Magik is ...PRETTY GOOD ! : MARVEL Future Revolution
If you do not know Marvel Future Revolution, you must know that it is one of the most powerful mobile games at the moment, both for your proposal and for the number of players you have. The game has been launched this year, with Net Mark betting on an action RPG that has a large campus of well-known superheroes of the house of ideas.

This week, since the study they have announced a new update (now available) with new content and the inclusion of more characters. The highlight is the Arrival of Magic, a superhero de Marvel Comics. She has also known as Lilliana Rasputin, she is sister of the Colossi X-Men’s member, and you can see her in action on the video that we share next:

In addition, content has been added to celebrate the premiere of the new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Invasion The SINISTER Six is ​​available, where players will have to help Spider to avoid thriving from the evil plans of the six accidents, well-known supervillanos in the universe of the character.

There will also be a new suit inspired by the tape, and has been added to the arachnid from it as a character to recruit. It is not the only one, since Daredevil appears as a character to recruit, and many adjustments at a playable level are missing, along with EVE content in the training camp to raise the experience of our superheroes.

If you do not know Marvel Future Revolution, it should be noted that it is one of the best games available at iOS and Android. This same year has received nominations at The Game Awards 2021 in the category of mobile devices, where it has finally not been able to rise with the prize, but it has been done with the Best iPad game award at the Apple Store Awards by the end of the year.

Why does not twitch work Causes of error 2000 and how to fix it

Twitch is fallen throughout Spain. Users who have tried to access the platform over the last few hours have been found with Error 2000. A ruling that had seemed before, and was a few hours causing problems. Now it has come back and waiting for the platform to fix it, we will try to explain what it is; but quiet, it’s not your fault.

In most cases, Twitch chats are still active and users can speak for them, but retransmissions appear in black. It seems they are preparing to shake the world before the event IAI and Pique.

How to fix Twitch: There was a network error. Please try again. (Error #2000)

What it is Error 2000 Twitch and why it happened?

The Error 2000 that many users are experiencing Twitch is due to a blockade by operators for domains. At the least, that is the main theory when carrying out the publication. The ruling affects all big Spanish operators and limited to national territory. Orange, Jazz tel, Vodafone and Movistar have been some that have caused, so users can not enjoy the content. Still, it seems that some users do not suffer from restrictions based on their location or use other companies.

How to solve the Error 2000 and to see Twitch?

We might think that the only solution would be to use VPN services and access Twitch through networks of other countries, but the truth is that what we have seen is a drop worldwide platform. At the moment, there are not many more options beyond patience until you return the content that hopefully only take a few minutes.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Barbie Camper and New Modules available today

Hot Wheels Unleashed: New Hot Wheels Car DLC Impressions, Bassline And Barbie Dream Camper | DLC 3
For the racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed new content will be published today. In addition to adjustments and modules, you can now drive your race in the Camper of Barbie. These are the new content: Hot Wheels — Holiday Season Customization Pack Hot Wheels — Accelerates Baseline Hot Wheels — Spinning Tire Module Hot Wheels — Input Modules Hot Wheels — Barbie Dream Camper Currently you are not already stored in the Microsoft Store for sale. Meanwhile, watch the trailers who show you the new content:

Halo Infinite will recover your first event Fracture Tenrai and add new rewards

Original text too short.

Much of the community of Halo Infinite is still marveling with his campaign mode, which has been released only a few days ago with a curious Renaissance painting of the master chief. However, the multiplayer mode continues to accumulate a good number of users, because not for nothing it has been cast among the most popular titles in the Steam Store. 343 Industries continues to pamper this online mode, and now drop news for the next time the event is activated Fracture: Terrie.

The study has spoken about it in a live Halo Infinite in which, as they have pointed out in reset, they commented changes introduced at their event. Here, have revealed an update for your Terrie Event Pass and some additional challenges For players to progress in the event without the need to complete normal challenges.

In addition, the Halo Marketing Chief, Noah Beneath, has confirmed on Twitter that the event pass will include more rewards from level 10, so the experience enhancers and challenges replacements will be replaced by others Objects, such as the Pose and Complete Armor of Auto. Added to all this, since 343 Industries ensure that they will improve communication with the promotions team so that they do not become misunderstood, since the aforementioned armor was initially of payment and was introduced into the images of the free event.

Halo Infinite - How to Unlock YOROI Armor Core during Fracture Tenrai Event Pass (Explained)

In short, the developers of 343 Industries are putting new ideas on the table so that their multiplayer provides good sensations both to the players always and new users. You have already heard the comments of the community and, therefore, has introduced a new experience system for the first games of the day. However, here does not end the news about Halo Infinite online, since there have been hidden game modes that could be officially announced in the future.

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Sum Age Finding Crowse Second Global Beta Test Started

My Time at Portia (in German about my time in Portia) is a video game of the US-Chinese designer studio Path ea Gaming. The game, consolidated elements of role-playing, Steering, and also life simulation, was released in January 2019 by British Author Team17.

The thumb Age announced on the 17th, the 24th anniversary of the Open World Shooting Game Crows Second Global Beta test started.

5 Ways To Find Beta Testers For Your Beta Test With Mike Fine of Centercode
Unlike the primary test, which was the secondary test, the second test was conducted, unlike the primary test, which has been in a restricted North American region, for pre-available applications, including European and Asia, and will be conducted for 48 hours from 2:00 pm on the 19th.

The test proceeds through the steam platform, and the ‘Celine Valley’, which is the CESI Valley and the CESI Valley and the Gray stone You can play on the map.

The thumb Age is a policy that actively converges to play stability and gamers through the second test.

For more information about Crows, you can check through the steam page.

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