Dead by Daylight would like to win an award. But the players one and say clearly: Can you get something of kink!

On Steam every year together with the autumn-sale also takes place the nomination of the games of the year. There are numerous categories, such as best VR game, better with friends or work of love. Exactly the price would like to get the developers of Dead By Daylight and ask their players to tune. However, they are angry.

What is the work of love ? This is a special category for games that have been on the market for a while and are no longer really considered new. However, games can be set up here, which will still be supplied with new content after a long time — this applies to Dead by Daylight.

Community reacts angry: For many players, the Work of Love is also a category in which games should be honored where you realize that the developers let their passenger blood flow into the game and to the wishes of the Community. Exactly this feeling is probably not available for many players. Under the announcement there are therefore numerous comments and almost all of them are negative. A few excerpts from it:

Bruh, you do not deserve.
Work of love – tells me a joke.
How much crack do you actually be smoking?
Work of ignoring the community sounds rather suitable
You are interested in shit for your game and your play scale, but then you want to have our voice, ha, lol, sure.

The consequence on all these comments: just, just under an hour after the request, but to vote for Dead by Daylight, the article was closed and new comments no longer allowed.

Why is the mood just so bad? That has many reasons:

On the one hand, the players have been complaining for years that each patch always brings many new bugs and needs several hotfixes to run around.
At the same time, many design decisions of recent years and months are criticized harsh. The BMM (Skill Based Match Making) is controversial as players never see a value for comparison and can only advise how well they are. Also, the evaluation of this system is extremely simple, which is why it often comes to unfair matches.
Also some innovations, such as the Boon-Perks come negative in parts of the community.

After all: The Reddit post, which deals with this community award, has collected over 10,000 up votes, with 97% positive feedback — an extreme rarity in Dead by Daylight. Here most players seem to agree on the Subreddit.

Dead by Daylight stream #143

That’s somehow the absurd-beautiful at Dead by Daylight. The only thing killer-mains and survivor mains combined in the heart is her shared hatred for the game you play for hours day for day.