Beleaguer of Legends find two of the best Midland the Western world for 2022 no new team more. For their team they want to not more up themselves, but want so much money for the hochdotieren professionals that no team starts and pays the high transfer fees. One analyst explains the problem.

Which player do it?

The Dane Nicolas Jensen Jensen (26, cover picture) is Midland for the team Liquid and playing there since November 2018. At 25, he has reportedly signed a contract for 4.2 million euros in 2020, which is to last 3 years.
The Belgian Basin Risky Dinner (23) plays in Fanatic since 2020th He still has contract until the 2023rd

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Jensen said in a Stream on November 7, 2022 that he will probably not play. Since then draws the increasing ab.

What is the problem of the two players?

Both players have made public statements to the fact that they probably do not have a team for 2022, and will not play professionally Lol.

Jensen has the problem that his team for 2022 calculated Bergen obliged probably the most famous LoL players in the US at all. Who plays exclusively in the mid-lane. Jensen is obviously no place in the new team. But will TeamLiquid probably not leave his mid-lane-Star Jensen pull for free.
Risky turn will or will apparently leave Fanatic. 2021 had a traumatic experience in the LoL Worlds. But because he so long has a contract that calls for his team apparently a release. The sum is so high that interested parties have already turned down and broke down the negotiations. Actually, it was thought Risky would switch to Cloud 9 as a replacement for Perez, but who have now made their top Later Fudge in the mid-lane.

Jensen and Risky are among the 10 best mid-Lanern in the West

That says an analyst to be able to: The side devices, stock talked to the LoL analysts Isaac Azazel Cummings to the situation that experienced and established LoL professionals such as Jensen and Risky stand for 2022 without a team.

He says that both players would have earned a place in the LCS or LEC. There were 20 starting spots in the Western-lane professional leagues. Jensen and Risky included at least the top 10 on the position. They would have to play for someone:

The contracts were bigger and bigger. We see this fierce peel sums. I think: This has meant that some teams and players have screwed their transfer fees in unreasonable heights. And now, as a result, many players find teams, because no one wants to spend so much money for them.


Azazel says the peel-sum would depend on supply and demand. You can say Hey, the market value for the player is X million dollars. But if no one is willing to pay the price, it was just not the market value more.

As the next? Azazel is believed to find it at the moment already a downward revision instead. One way that he sees would be also to ensure that the LoL leagues can get a salary cap on time itself. That was the ultimate goal. Such a discussion would be already in China and could also capture more LoL leagues.

This correction of transfer fees down took place apparently already at G2 Esports. As should be the top Later miracles have sold for a third of the price that you originally wanted:

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