The Women’s CEV Champions League, previously referred to as CEV Champions Cup (from 1960 to 2000), is the top authorities’ competition for lady’s beach ball clubs of Europe and takes location each year. It is arranged by the Confederation European de Volley Ball (CEV) and also was created in 1960 as CEV Champions Mug. On 13 November 2000, it was officially presented in Florence under a brand-new style and renamed CEV Champions League.

League of Legends has received endless changes on the occasion of the preseason, and it is difficult to be aware of the situation in which all the game champions have remained. It is something usual when Riot Games introduces large patches that modify systems and objects, since many few popular characters before adjustments do not go through the radar of the great players. Very powerful and little used heroes that are now governed by clean, the true winner of the 11.23 patch.

A champion that could govern League of Legends

The 10 MOST OP CHAMPIONS in Preseason 11.23 - League of Legends

Victoria rates are not the only criteria to determine the true power of the characters, but always have to pay attention when they are as high as in the case of Clean. Being able to earn 54.2% of the items in which it is selected in the central lane, this character is located as the fifth classified from all the League of Legends champions. However, the highlight is that it is very likely that it will increase if the changes currently available in the BE are finally introduced.

The champion has come to this situation after a long period of unpopularity that never prevented it from shining in qualifying items. A positive context helped by a final push have brought the transformations to the objects of skill and runes. He is an excellent user of the Queered Queen Corona, glacial improvement and even works well with First blow. However, the key is in the modifications that he received the seraphic hug and the ability of him to build multiple objects that almost immune the ‘nerfs’ that receive concrete items.

The replacement of damage for a greater speed of skills and the addition of a few lifetimes in the garment articles of the goddess have been enough to turn a character that enjoyed a good position in League of Legends in one of the Most monstrous currently available in the game, raising average victories by 1%. Best of all is that the item is scheduled a price drop of 400 gold for version 11.24. In this way, you can reach the peak of power from it for only 5,400 monetary units (Early frost and embrace of the Seraphic).

Little used and barely banned, a character that we can already consider as one of the best of all League of Legends is about to receive more power, and it can be your secret weapon to prepare you for next season 12. Remember that qualifying items disputed throughout this period will help you start higher next year, so you can abuse the character and see you rewarded very soon.