Season 1 of the popular SerieArcane is complete, but the fans already celebrating the second season meet. Which characters from League of Legends would you like to see there?

The Arcane series based on the MOB LoL, hit on Netflix like a bomb. Skip to release the first episodes it rained positive reviews. Even people who have nothing with the game on the hat were enthusiastic and wanted to know how the story goes around the two sisters Vi and Jinx.

Not surprisingly, it was then that Riot Games has the end of the first season directly confirmed the work on the second. After all, the series has directly collected many fans and even ensured that certain champions in LoL were played more often.

Currently, however, still very little is known about what will happen in the second season going. There is only one cliffhanger at the end of the last episode and a short teaser, the Riot has published together with the notice. Therefore, we do not know what new champions will emerge from LoL there.

But we know exactly what we would like to see there. MeinMMO-author Alexander says Latch:

So one of the characters that would fit well, is definitely Blitz crank. The robot was created by Viktor, but the glory was stolen it from someone else. This too is an important part of the history of Viktor.

Since then Riggs. He is a morale and assistant of Harbinger Faun in the comics. He has also composed some donated by Jinx of chaos, when we look at the lore of LoL. Furthermore, he would fit in well into the season. 2

Camille Plover would also be a fitting character, because her family has a lot of money with the Hex tech crystals and that was not an unimportant part of the recent history.

What Stories Will Appear in Arcane Season 2?

When it comes to characters completely from the outside, someone would probably thank to the mother of Mel Madeira fit from Nexus. Well, and Warwick explained after the season finale of itself.

Our editor-in-chief Day Minkowski, who wrote to Arcane several rave reviews, has also some characters who would like to see in the second season.

An Janna has always fascinated me in the lore, which contrast it forms their home Faun. The Guardian reminds her sublime figure more akin to a deity that hovers above the ground and smells like a fresh breeze. Faun, however, is dirty and wicked. Moreover, Faun can right now make good use of the helping hand of his protector.

The short-tailed bandicoot rat Twitch the reason to start with League of Legends was for me back then. I found the passionate connoisseur of trash and dirt so cool that he pulled me into the game. Only to fail miserably with him in the game. I’m still stuck with LoL and am always happy when I see Twitch in the game — to this day I love its design and sayings. To see him in Arcane, I would extremely celebrate.

But what about with you? What champions of LoL you would like to in the second season see?

Where is the survey tool? League of Legends is now more than 10 years on the market and has meet a huge amount of characters. Over 150 different Champions heads reflected in the PVP matches each one, but by far not all make sense for the series.

Therefore, the here open poll and you can post your answers is free in the comments. You yourselves can think and decide which would enrich champions the next season of Arcane and more exciting.

So we are told again: Which characters from LoL would be an enrichment for the second season? Would you like to see more unusual Champions or you enjoy the most human cast of the first season? Is there a champion to or would like to see it particularly in the series? Or do you prefer to let yourself be surprised?

All characters from Arcane in the ranking — from unpopular to popular