Promises and statements with future views were over. Ubisoft Just present the first NFT for a triple A game, and this is nothing more than the beginning of an ambitious project in which you have been working for the last four years, and that it responds to the name of Ubisoft Quartz. What is it? An exchange platform of digital assets, NFTs, which in this case, respond to the name digits. And the first video game that will make use of them is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

For now available in beta phase these digital tokens respond to two key ideas: are collectible NFT, with which you can trade with other players through a decentralized market, but they are also NFT that have a real use in the video game ; They serve to alter the appearance of objects. Ubisoft emphasizes that the technology of blockchain allows converting our players into stakeholders from our games, in a manner also sustainable for our industry, returning the value they generate through the time they pass online, the objects that They buy or the content they create.

Allows us to convert our players into stakeholders from our Ubisoft games These first NFT, or Digits, will test Ubisoft Quartz, but the Gala company counted 3D games in an exclusive interview that is only the first step. What excites us is to focus on the kind of NFT experiences that we can give to our players, says another of the project managers, Baptiste Charon. Presented as Elements exclusively cosmetic, the digits are of a limited nature, are numbered, and in their DNA the owners of that non-fungible Token are reflected. This is. As it is traded with them, the players will have the opportunity to see in the hands of who was in the past. They are accompanied by a property certificate stored in the Blockchain, a decentralized technology, managed by the community and independent of Ubisoft, which gives players more control than ever, warn in press release.

To access these first free NFTs, the following requirements must be met:

Quartz, a NFT platform for players

The intention of Ubisoft is that only players can access the NFTs that are offered in Quartz, and for this, it will work on a principle of eligibility that as you can be linked to the need to have a certain level of skill. In this way, they told us their responsible, expect to end the dreaded speculation. You have to be a player and be considered eligible for Ubisoft before you can claim a digit even in the single market, so we believe that all these restrictions should help maintain the healthy market, they stand out.

Ubisoft Quartz: Playable NFTs Coming To Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Do not forget that one of the reasons why Xbox moves away from the NFTs is precisely the speculative character they currently have.

How can you get these first FREE NFT? Users must access their Ubisoft Connect accounts on PC and link it with external wallets such as Dubai or Temple. From then on, you can already claim your digits in the deadlines established by Ubisoft: A weapon will be available on December 9, 12 and 15 with an exclusive design. From there players can use them in the game, enjoy them as collectible objects with their own video of details, or sell them in the free market.

At the moment it will be necessary to use cryptodivisas..

Energy efficiency is a key requirement to boost Blockchain technology to a future in which it can be widely used by millions of players, says the technical director of the Blockchain in Ubisoft, Didier Genesis. A transaction in the Camus Network uses the same amount of energy as the online transmission of 30 seconds video, while the previous generation of Blockchain networks can consume the same energy that requires an uninterrupted streaming emission of one year. This such reduced carbon footprint means that both our developers and players can prioritize innovation without compromising sustainability, he adds.

It should be remembered that just a few weeks ago Ubisoft was enthusiastic about the play-to-earn, and it is something that has insisted when presenting these first NFT. Ubisoft blockchain technology expects to create that free and decentralized market that allows players to get a reward for their dedication and work, they say. Now keep waiting to check how this ambitious Ubisoft Quartz project evolves.