Over a year after the launch of the PS5, manufacturer SCUM has introduced the first Third-Party Controller, which will be an alternative to danseuse from Sony. As you can use by Scum, the new controllers focus on players who are traveling in the competitive area similar to the Xbox Elite Controller of Microsoft.

New PS5 Pro Controller

What do the SCUM controllers offer for PS5?

Externally Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS strong on the danseuse model. Small things make the difference. Among other things, the controllers provide multiple back buttons, which can be individually programmed. Thanks to another button on the back, different settings can even change during operation.

The analog sticks can also be exchanged by other models (long, short, curved and concave). While the Reflex and Reflex Pro still offer the adaptive shoulder buttons of the danseuse controller, Scum sets the Reflex FPS on so-called Instant Trigger, which are comparable to a mouse click.

How expensive are the new SCUM controllers for PS5?

In Germany, prices start at 219.99 euros for the classic reflex model. For 239.99 euros there is the reflex pro. The most expensive controller — the reflex fps — is available for 269.99 euros. The first selling shaft of the Reflex Pro is already sold out. Reflex and reflex fps come 2022 in the trade.

Which colors are available from the reflex models?

After Sony offers only white, black and red at his danseuse controller, Scum is already a bit colorful on the way. Buyers have the choice between white, gray, black, orange, navy blue and red.

Source: SCUM

From Dominik Wingman
08.12.2021 at 17:10