Braunschweig currently has a run: six of the last eight league games were able to successfully shape the low-things. With 32 counters are located on the second table space, the third-best defensive and after the 5: 0 shooting festival against the SV Happen even the second-best offensive of the league. For Contract trainer Schiele a top performance.

Do not rest on laurels

Before the coming game against Viktoria Cologne on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At Maurice Multhaups), however, no one of his players should rest on this success: The win week’s victory was great, but now a new game is back. He looks at this attitude very closely at his actors: After such a victory, she always looks as if the boys go a step less during the week in training. Should something like that happen, you have to take the collective aside.

Little things decide

Especially after the equivalent 0: 4 defeat of the coming opponent this is important. Because, so Schiele, The 0: 4 of Cologne sounds clearly. But it is still a good team. The explanation for this, he delivers immediately: They come about the playful and want to play back at the back. They have rectilinear actors in the team, but also technically savvy. Therefore, it would be in direct duel arriving at nuances.

Without Multan and big changes

Evil Assistant Takes the Golden Pineapple from Crystal with her Spooky Friends
Therefore, the failure Maurice Malthus heavily weighs. But the native Dagenham Schiele trusts his team and wants to rotate little: We can get out of full to Maurice Malthus injury on the weekend. That’s why there is probably not four or five changes in the starting eleven.

The golden pineapple in Bares

The project, bring the positive occurrence of the team on Saturday again on the lawn, is hardly anything in the way. But Schiele knows: It’s always going from zero. Therefore, he also does not interest him if his team is over numbering on one of the top places: The second place at the end of the first round is the golden pineapple.

Understanding so that he plans to play for his team only from game — in the hope to refine the golden pineapple at the end of the season.