EXPEDITIONS ROME  - Release Date Trailer  - New STRATEGY RPG 2022
NOTICE TO HISTORY AND TACTICAL FERNS, Because the successor of Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking now has an exit date. It was January 20 that THE Nordic and Logic Artists will come out expeditions: Rome on PC at the rate of 45 euros.

In the tunic of a young legate of the Roman Empire, the player will lead his troops through Greece, Egypt or our good old Gaul to irradiate from will or of force the glory of Rome in these remote countries, all In keeping more and more in the political affairs of the Senate. Expeditions: Rome relies on a campaign of more than 40 hours with tactical battles in turn, a management of troops, exploration and all that can be expected from a game of role.

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Expeditions: Rome takes place in an alternative historical setting. You have already heard about Gains Julius Caesar? It was not so important. But you will meet Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, if you choose to put it on the throne. And even the famous Roman politician Cicero can become your ally, as well as the fierce chief Gauls Vercingetorix, tells us the press release. Note that the narration will be doubled to highlight heavy choices of consequences of history, we say.


Expeditions: Rome — Trailer Exit Date