Martin Luther (in German, Martin Luther; Eileen, Germany, November 10, 1483-ibid., February 18, 1546), born as Martin Louder, he was a theologian and also friar Augustine Catholic that started and also advertised the Protestant reform in Germany and whose trainings influenced the theological and social doctrine called Lutheranism.
Luther exhorted the church to return to the initial mentors of the Bible, which generated a restructuring of the Catholic Christian Churches in Europe. The response of the Catholic Church before the Protestant Reform was the counter-reform. The contributions of Him to Western human being extend past the religious extent, considering that its translations of the Bible assisted develop a basic version of the German language as well as became a version in the art of translation. The marital relationship of it with Catalina de Bora, on June 13, 1525, launched an activity of assistance for priestly marriage within several Christian currents.
Three years prior to he died, he created a writing of Christian anti-jaws gotten in touch with Jews as well as his lies, where he exhorted the murder of Jews, to shed his homes and synagogues. The rhetoric of him was not only directed to the Jews, yet likewise the Catholics, Anabaptists as well as non-Trinitarian Christians. Luther died in 1546 with the excommunication of Pope León X even effective.

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s captain Lars Still has practiced after the next debacle of the foals in the Bundesliga sharp criticism at the team spirit of the eleven of the Niederrhein. It did not agree with the more and more coach ADI Hunter.

We really did not play well, said the fully concentrated Still after the 1: 4 clatter at RB Leipzig at SKY : We got together something and the second half was at least ok about the effort and use. We have On the other hand, it stems, are again arrested and get out of the back then two things again, and you go home here with 1: 4.

On the question of why the Gladbacher despite the connection hit by Ray Bensbaini just before the end (88) returned to their destiny and in the end again as against Cologne (1: 4) and Freiburg (0: 6) highly lost, the indicated Gladbacher play guide on that it does not vote internally in the team. Everyone did something for themselves and not together as a team. Then it is at the end 4: 1 for Leipzig.

Lars Stindl's brace helps Gladbach beat Arminia Bielefeld | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

This critique of his captain did not want to leave coach Hunter completely. You can see that differently. Everyone wanted to be the one who makes something special in this situation, he said. Missing team spirit, because Still had indicated, on the other hand, the Austrians referred to the realm of Fables: The team is a team, she has a very difficult and unpleasant situation at the moment. We have to come out together, despite everything, Frauen. I do not do that.

According to the recent negative experiences, the 1: 4-bankruptcy in the derby against Cologne and the historical 0: 6 debacle against the SC Freiburg on the 14th match day, Playback’s sports director Max Ebert had his in the critical trainer before the game in Leipzig still the Back strengthened and any, which is now increasingly significant discussions about the future of Hunter in Playback referred to as unacceptable. There are any foundation to do this now.

Gladbach-Keeper Summer with criticism: That’s Crazy!

On Saturday after the flap against Leipzig, Ebert did not want to comment. Hunter was changed last summer for a transfer fee of 7.5 million euros from Eintracht Frankfurt to the Gladbachern. On a stumbling start, the first thick exclamation mark of the Gladbacher under their new coach followed as the Russia FC Bayern in the DFB Cup with 5: 0 shootout. Playback then brought seven of nine possible points in the Bundesliga and took cloth sensation to international squares.

But then the crash followed within three weeks in which the Gladbacher 14 goals conceded in just three games. That’s absolutely crazy, Goalkeeper Yann Summer after the game in Leipzig regarding the non-performance of his foremen in the past weeks: We are not close enough to the men and are not aggressively enough in the duels. So you do It’s easy to achieve goals. So you can not win a game.

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The Russia is slipped in the table in place in the table in the table and lies only two counters before the relegation plate 16. Before the winter break, Playback still meets Eintracht Frankfurt and the TSG Cofferdam.