Diablo is a video game of action of the RPG action genre produced by Snowstorm in 1996 as well as who has highlighted for being among one of the most essential exponents of the third-person action and also sophisticated graphics. Basically you must select among the 3 characters (warrior, shrew and sorcerer), which will certainly need to deal with searches and also obstacles, the experience obtained in the experiences of him makes it stronger. This video game enables the gamer to individualize his character with a massive variety of abilities, weapons, spells as well as armor.

Diablo 2 Resurrected attracts not only veterans, but also new players and fans of other Diablo games. However, anyone who is new in Diablo 2, might be surprised by death, for that is a little different here. Mango explains what happens when you die.

This happens when you die in Diablo 2: Unlike in Diablo III’s death in Diablo II is a real punishment. If you die, you lose a lot of what ye have been earned:

The entire inventory is gone, and you start naked in the city of the respective act
Your gold disappears completely from the pockets
The mercenary, you had the case, also dies

Diablo 2 Resurrected - What happens when you die? - A guide on DEATH - Don’t lose your stuff! - PS5
Depending on the character level, you lose up to 20% of your gold permanently as a punishment. The rest is up next to your corpse at the place of your death. The lost items can you recover by looting the corpse, the gold can you also pick up again.

Items in your chests are always protected. A larger chest is standard on the changes of Diablo 2 Resurrected. As long as you are in the game, can be up to 16 corpses generated.

What happens at higher difficulty levels? Once you reach the levels of difficulty Nightmare or hell, death will be punished even harder. Each time you die, you lose part of your experience points. Here you can but never lose a level completely. 75% of the lost experience gets her back while collecting the corpse.

Especially bad is death but in hardcore mode. For Diablo 2 is different again in the type of characters.

Hardcore vs. soft core — What is Permanent?

This happens when a hardcore character dies: Have you selected when creating the character that you want to play hardcore, you activate so that the permanent death. This means that your character dies, you will not revive in the city.

Instead, the character will be unplayable. It does not matter whether your online or offline play, hardcore characters stay dead Accordingly, can you collected items and gold may not get back -. Lose, strictly speaking, but no EP on higher difficulties.

Incidentally, the same thing can happen if you are not careful when creating new characters. Delete some players accidentally their heroes on the menu, even if that should happen less often by one of the patches. If your character because of server problems disappeared to be, it simply tries again. Just deleted it is not then normally.

items away after death — What to do?

So assured her your items: If you do not want to run back to your corpse or can, then there is a simple trick. Stores and logs you out. Upon entering the game again, your corpse is including equipment at your feet, and you can spoil them. However, this has two disadvantages:

The gold, which was next to your corpse is gone
Explore the map is reset, and you will have all new

Also, you have to be careful that you do not die again. Only the body with the highest converted value of gold is stored. That means do you use your emergency equipment, and die again, it may happen that it finds only the second corpse when logging out.

Certain items such legendary items and weapons can have a higher gold value than about the coveted Rune words from Diablo 2, but which are actually stronger. Watch out that you do not lose your best items.

But where, you are the wrong corpse before, because you can not change anything. The objects of your first death have disappeared.

So assured her your gold: The amount of gold that you will be deducted, calculated from the gold, which you carry with you, and the amount in your personal chest. The more you have, or stored it, the more you lose. Even gold from the chest can be reduced.

To prevent this, you can distribute the gold in the divided chests slots. These are not counted in the basic amount. You should always have a little nest egg to revive after the death of your mercenaries or to buy potions for the return journey.

Other players may-game multiplayer the way collect the gold in one, which is next to your body. The items on your body, however, are usually protected. Players can also watch to make sure to return your body. However, you should take care of your principle when managing items:

Players farm weeks for rare item in Diablo 2 Resurrected — is stolen after 4 days