Exhibit Park is a public park connected to the south-eastern edge of the Community Moor, Newcastle upon Type. The park is house to numerous centers including sports locations, a boating lake, playgrounds and also a skate park.

Although he has worked in the club since 2013, Mark Leland was previously not the most famous employee of the FC Liverpool. On Wednesday, however, he was in focus at once — because he leaves the Reds to a just time towards Newcastle United.

Like coach Jürgen Klopp the day before Liverpool’s home game against the new but acutely reneged Magpies (Thursday, 21 o’clock, live! At famous employee) confirmed, Leland has adopted after eight years as a games and player analyst. In Newcastle, the 36-year-old will work together again with coach Eddie Howe, which still get to know for shared times in Burley.

Kl opp: Good people should be treated well

Mark was longer here when I am, and with his game analyzes and individual work with the players an incredibly important member of our staff, Kl opp said Wednesday. In addition, a great guy, who now strived after the next step in his career : In Newcastle he had the chance to take over a higher role, which we could not offer him here.

That Leland now changes Just to the upcoming opponent is not a big problem for Kl opp. We could have told him: ‘You can start there only in three or four weeks.’ But everyone knows everything in the football world. Even about Liverpool’s football there are not very many secrets, to decrypt rich already a football brain.

And otherwise, Kl opp did not saw no reason to put Leland any stones in the way. Good people should be treated well, and we made that with Mark. Anyone who will take over Leland’s tasks have not yet announced the Reds.