CAE Team Games Co., Ltd. is a century action RPG for smartphones RPG Shin-Hokuto Must, from December 15, 2021, Wed (Wednesday, 2002, and Bey Glycoprotein Hokum Fist A set of Hokum’s Fist × KARL (Watch), etc. Informed the start of the first anniversary present campaign to hit the Hokum Fist goods.

In the century action RPG Shin-Hokuto Must for smartphone, we will be Wednesday, Hokum Must, and Wednesday, and Bearettoprotein Hokum’s Fist and Beatrice Protein Hokum Fist, Hokum’s Fist × KARL (Watch), etc. We started the first anniversary present campaign that the Hokum Fist goods hit.

Just destroying the enemy 7,777 during the holding period, anyone will apply in the game, so please try it by all means.

Besides, the first anniversary of December 14 (Tuesday) was distributed to the first anniversary of the century card 64th Northeast Shinji Fist Division for all users. Hara Tesco Hara is an illustration of a drawer. Furthermore, since the end of the century card 64th Northeast Toshinchi Shiva can be strengthened by events currently being held, please try again here.

1st Anniversary Present Campaign Overview

1st Anniversary Present Campaign

In commemoration of the service start of Shin-Hokuto Must and the first anniversary on December 14, the Hokum Fist real goods will hold a campaign that hit by lottery.

Holding period

December 15, 2021 (Wed) -January 30, 2022 (Sun)

Application method

By defeating 7,777 enemies within the holding period, it will be automatic application in the game. ※ We can not specify prizes and designation of size. ※ You can check the progress of the number of destruction in the game or check the application status. ※ About winning contact, you can check the game only for those who have been elected. ※ After winning, we plan to receive information such as shipping destination for the specified e-mail address. ※ This campaign is provided by CAE Become Games Co., Ltd. For inquiries regarding this campaign, please contact CAE Become Games User Support.


· Evasive soul × Hokum fist (6 people)

· Baleen Protein Hokum Fist + Enjoyment Magnet Set

· Hokum’s fist × KARL (watch) (4 people)

· Super image movable Kinship, super image movable Raoul set (for 2 people)

· Hokum Must character voice clock

· Shin, Hokum Must original T-shirt

1st Anniversary Century Card 64th Northeast Toshinchi Division

The 64th Northeast Taken Banjo Division ■ Effect Attack Power + 777. At his time when he used the goddess, his attack power and defense 9.13% up (15.0 seconds). Furthermore, he is up 9.13% of the effect of the main effect attack power up and defense improvement. ※ It is the status when we strengthened this century card to ★ 4, Lv80

Century Card SSR The 64th Northeast Toshiba Shin ten can also be earned with the point achievement reward for the Kiev chapter being held.

In addition, it is possible to limit the limit to the maximum by acquiring all points achievement rewards of the Mentor Hen Kiev Chapter.

Phantom Hen Kiev Chapter Holding

December 9, 2021 (Thu) After completion of maintenance-December 21, 2021 (Tuesday) 13:59

1st Anniversary Start Support Campaign Overview

1st Anniversary Start Support Campaign

Customers who started the game during the campaign period are distributed the following luxurious gifts as the 1st Anniversary Start Support Campaign.

· SSR Fist Kinship
· SSR Fist Lao
· SSR mystery Hokum Takes hi Wave

Enjoy the world’s end of the century, starting the application game Shin-Hokuto Must at this occasion.

Holding period

December 1, 2021 (Wed) 5: 00-2022 (Tuesday) 4:59

First 8 Minutes of Mobile
1st Anniversary Special Login Bonus Overview

1st Anniversary Special Login Bonus

If you log in during the campaign period, you can earn free orbit for free daily.

As we have a chance to get many orbs, please log in every day.

Holding period

December 1, 2021 (Wed) 5: 00-2022 (Saturday) 4:59

January 1, 2022 (Sat) 5: 00-2022 (Tuesday) 4:59

App Games Shin, Hokum Must Overview

○ Title name: Shin-Hokuto Must (Senko-kuwa) ○ Compatible model: ■ iOS 10.0 or higher (iPhone 6S or later) ■ Android 7.0 or higher, Memory (RAM) 2 GB or more terminal ※ Except for some models ※ For some terminals, it may not work even with the corresponding OS version or more ○ Genre: The end of the century action RPG ○ App Store: HTTPS: // ○ Google Play: HTTPS: // ○ Official site: m/ ○ Official Twitter: HTTPS: // / KT HOKUM ○ Official Line: HTTPS: // hokuto ○ Official Facebook: ○ PV: V = Pyhimldevjw 〇 Hashtag: ♯ Hokum Must Mobile 〇 Play Price: Basic Play Free (Item Charge System) ○ Initial Type: © Market / Hara Katie / Core Mix 1983 Publication License KOA-100 © Kobe Team Games All Rights Reserved.