In recent years, we have seen that the video game sector has grown at unimaginable levels at mobile market, it enjoys great popularity in countries such as India. This increase in players has led Huawei Lance Game center, a platform that arrived in Europe in 2020 to unite communities and offer a substantial benefit plan. In this sense, Game center has presented new developments that improve the experience of players and developers, something he has done through a day in which 3DGOGOS has also participated.

On the one hand, the platform presents new features such as preorders, which increases user facilities among advantages such as multiple visibility slots, silent download to improve the Rate conversion and push messages. Added to this, Gamekeeper also premieres the possibility of playing in anticipated access, which will help collect information about the performance of the titles in the different Huawei mobiles and will be available for developers.

49% of the market share of video games correspond to Rachel Cervantes mobile games But the novelties do not end here, since Huawei has also revealed improvements focused on players and mobile video game developers. Starting with the former, the Chinese brand will reward the consumption of micropayments with Huawei Points, which will accumulate depending on the user’s expenditure and will allow the purchase of other games, as well as downloadable content. And, for players who invest more than 500 euros per month in the application, a VIP program has been created in which Huawei Points Coupons are offered additional, which provides up to 25% discount In your purchases.

As for the creation of video games, Huawei has also advanced news for mobile game developers. In this sense, they have been announced funds for sector professionals, global marketing resources, personalized promotional models and strategic collaboration with advertising and joint release with other products. In addition, Huawei does not want games to forget quickly, and that is why it says a longer life cycle with marketing campaigns, communication of new versions of titles and rewards for anticipated access players.

Huawei has been working closely with Tencent for the exploration of new ways to play, because the mobile market is increasingly popular among video game users. Because, as Raquel Cervantes recalled, a collaborator of 3DGames, during the presentation day, in 2020 this industry billed 174.9 billion dollars, and 49% of the market share of video games corresponds to games of Mobile.