The Christmas celebrations have invaded Halo Infinite, courtesy of the new event called ‘Winter Contingency’. Since today, players will be able to receive an exclusive gift per day, and this pattern will continue until the next December 30. All you have to do to receive your daily gift will be completing a game within the multiplayer, either in ARENA mode or BIG Team Battle.

The event will end on January 4 between rewards you will receive, there is the ‘Peppermint Laughter’ appearance for your weapons and armor, which we can appreciate in action within the trailer. We do not know all the gifts of the event, but you can also get new shoulders, emblems and more, as described by the official statement.

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It is worth mentioning that the rewards will be unlocked as the days of the event pass, so you can not get everything immediately, regardless of how much you play without taking a break.

Although the last gift will be unlocked on December 30, the event will continue until January 4, and each daily reward will remain available until that date. This will give you an extra time to get everything before it disappears, so do not worry if one day you do not have time to play.

This Christmas event is only a part of the euphoria with infinite halo after its official launch. The game still hides many secrets People start discovering, as the reference to Craig Meme, and if you have not had time to try it, do not hesitate to take a look at our analysis.