In recent years, as one of the genres, Light Novel, which shows a wide range of age groups. The words were born are also being said to be around 1990, and the foundation was far, and the foundation was created.

One of the foundations is one of the foundations, one of the works that is often referred to as the origin of Light Novel is a novel Rhodes Island Sent by Mr. Hiroshi Milano.

At that time, many readers focused on junior and senior high school students seeking this work, and showed the momentum that has been connected to animation and game development. Even after 30 years of release of Volume 1, the name is not buried in the past.

What kind of attraction was such a long seller work? It is approaching that the outbreak of its unexpected past or present.

■ The first step of Rhodes Island Sent called Light Novel origin was not a novel?

It is the foundation of light novels, and it is Rhodes Island Sent who supported the early days, but the beginning is not a novel. This Rhodes Island Sent was born from the entertainment called Table Talk RPG (hereinafter referred to as RPG), which each participant plays a character and promoting the story in the conversation subject.

Although the word entertainment may mislead, RPG is content with many users worldwide, and this is also called the origin of Computer RPG.

Because it is different from the main subject, it will be a brief explanation, but RPG prepares the world and the story of the world, and the presented situation cooperating and enjoys the results and analog to enjoy the results It is a play.

Spelled this RPG, and it is called replay that the one who loses to the text is called Replay, but Rhodes Island Sent began as a serialized work of this replay type. Replaying is a slightly violent summary, but it may be easy to understand if it is considered as a text version of game real condition.

Rhodes, a Brief History

Moreover, Rhodes Island Sent replay is posted on the Continue Magazine of the PC magazine. In the digital game-based magazine, the English-to-handling the RPG of the analog game was rewarded with the result of being well-received by the reader.

In response to such a response, a novel version Rhodes island Sent that has been written as a novel based on the Replay Version Rhodes Island Sent later is a novel version Rhodes Island Sent.

By the way, Mr. Milano is in charge of master in the replay version. The position of the Creator of Rhodes Island Sent has not changed even in the replay version, as well as the novel version.