War gaming, the makers behind World of Tanks, drive heavy guns: they demand 670 million rubles damages from a Russian citizen, which corresponds to a little more than 8 million euros. The cheat creator sold thousands of packages with cheat and bot programs in Games World of Tanks or World of Warships. As a result, War gaming had caused great damage. The lawsuit is considered precedent in Russia.

What’s in the action?

As a Russian fan site reports to World of Tanks, a court in Moscow has opened a lawsuit against a resident of Yekaterinburg, a city with 1.3 million inhabitants east of the Ural Mountains (via Express).
The man is accused of spreading bots and cheats that lead to users of the programs enjoy an unfair advantage over other players. The programs were distributed via pages called Cyber ​​Tank (World of Tanks) and Cyber ​​Ship (World of Warships). The prices for the programs should have between 30 cents and 25 euros.
According to the Belarusian developer War gaming, these bots would lead to honest players lose the interest in the game.

Fully automatic bot and program indicating weaknesses

What are this for programs? According to the descriptions, there are typical cheat programs. A program has marked the vulnerability of the opposing vehicle and grants the cheater with unfair benefits.

Another program is to be taken in AutoPlay mode the full control of the vehicle and made it possible to earn in-game currency and experience points without being logged in itself.

How is the procedure so far ? It is said that the accused had his guilt, during the preliminary investigation, fully confessed. But then revoke the confession in court.

The determination was initiated by a special department, the office K of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia.

Today, on December 27, the court now wants to examine the evidence generally, testify and sacrifice. The accused had been plotted to keep themselves available and apparently do not leave the country.

The case will be described as precise falling in Russia. To bring someone for an unfair intervention in computer games in court, has not previously failed.

should be treated like theft or fraud

That says War gaming : A legal agenda of War gaming says, one had helped an expert opinion to determine the damage. The damage loves to 670 million rubles, about 8 million euros.

According to War gaming, creating and selling such programs is the same as theft or fraud and must therefore be covered in the legal area.

In Russia, there is new territory here, in the USA such lawsuits against bot manufacturers are almost normal. Blizzard has guided and won a legendary fight against a German provider of bots:

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