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Ubisoft points out that the public “does not understand” the NFT

NFTs remain a controversial issue in the industry. Although players reject this trend, companies continue to enter this market more and more. One of the companies that have been found in the Hurricane Eye is Ubisoft , who with his Quartz initiative has had a complicated start. However, the company’s executives have made it clear that this is not because users do not want this type of content, but consumers simply do not understand the “benefits” that the NFT offer.

Ubisoft Thinks Gamers Are IDIOTS! NFTs Don't Belong In Games!
In a recent interview with Finder, Nicolas Board, Vice President of the Laboratory of Strategic Innovations of Ubisoft, and Didier Genesis, technical director of Blockchain of Ubisoft, talked about how great the NFTs are, trying to convince the public that They simply do not understand the benefits that this technology will offer in the future . This was what Board said about:

“I think players do not understand what a digital secondary market can provide them. For now, due to the current situation and the NFT context, players really believe that, in the first place, it is destroying the planet and, secondly, it is only a tool for speculation. But what we [in Ubisoft] We are seeing first is the end of the game. The final game is about giving players the opportunity to resell their articles once they have finished with them or have finished playing the game itself.

Then, it’s really for them. It is really beneficial. But do not understand it for now.

In addition, this is part of a paradigm shift in the games. Going from an economic system to another is not easy to handle. There are many habits that you should go against and a lot of your ingrained mentality that you must change. Take time. We know”.

Next to this, it has been mentioned that Ubisoft already expected the negative response from the community. However, the company remains firm in its decision to fully enter the NFT market, this regardless of how many people demonstrate a disinterest or hatred for this trend.

On related topics, Ubisoft will close the servers of Hyper Scale, its Battle Royale, in a couple of months. Similarly, NFT sales in Ubisoft are a disaster.

Editor’s note:

In what seems to be a joke of the Simpson, Ubisoft has pointed out that youth does not understand this business, when it does not really understand it, and for that reason many detest the NFTs. However, if something demonstrated the INAMI auction, it is that there is a market, which Ubisoft wants to please.

KOF XV: Terry Bogard in his costume Garou Mark of the Wolves moves well

The output of KOF XV is approaching Grand V speed since we are 3 weeks of its marketing. And now that all 39 fighters have been revealed for its launch, SNK distills essential information to seduce the latest refractories. You are rather Team Fatal Fury, you who grew up with the episodes of this great saga of the Boston game that invented a lot of things for the VS Fighting, like the Furies (hence the name actually)? Then you will love the bonus that SNK offers all the players who will preorder the game, namely Terry’s costume in Group Mark of the Wolves. A trailer has been done to show us how the character moves with. Certainly, visually, we are still far from gender standards, but in terms of gameplay and feeling, we really get closer to what was done with 2D episodes. We will have a clear heart on February 17, the release date of this King of Fighters XV.

Naver, Last year sales of 6,817.6 billion won … 28.5% YoY ↑

Never was the highest quarterly earnings of the fourth quarter of last year due to the growth of the entire business such as Search, Commerce, Pin Tech, Content, Cloud. In the case of annual sales, he changed the number of front and fell 6 trillion won.

Never said last year’s last year, he said 28.5 percent higher than the previous year to KRW 6,817.6 billion. Last year, operating profit increased by 9.1% to W1.525.5 billion won.

Last 4Q08, sales increased by 27.4% YoY to W1.927.7 billion, operating profit rose 8.5% to W3.51.2bn.

Sales by business division in 4Q09 ▲ Search Platform 886.9 billion won ▲ Commerce W45.2bn ▲ Pin Tech W295.2 billion ▲ Content 2,33.3 billion won ▲ Cloud W17.2bn.

Search platform sales have recorded 15.2% YoY, 7.5% YoY, 7.5% YoY to 7.5% YoY, depending on the improvement of search quality, smart places reorganization. Display sales in the Search Platform have increased 26.1% YoY and maintained high growth.

Commerce revenue has recorded 27.9% YoY, and 6.6% YoY, and 6.6% YoY to W45.2bn. The shopping live deals increased by 39% Qom, a 5-fold growth in a year, and a 5-quarter trading rate of $100 million.

GM announces $7 billion investment in electric in Michigan
Pinprick sales also recorded 46.8% YoY and 22.1% from the previous year, and 22.1% Qom. The Never Pay payment solution has been raised 10 trillion won for new additions to new additions.

Content sales were 67.9% YoY, and 26.7% YoY, and 26.7% YoY to W26.7 per year. Cloud sales recorded 25.2% YoY, and 11.4% YoY, and 11.4% YoY to W17.2bn.

Han Sung Took Never representative is “a balancing technology investment, win-win, business, and has established a steady growth, which has established a Naver-only business model that can grow with a variety of partners such as small and medium-sized governments (SME).” We will continue to challenge the global market including Korea. “

Craftone stock price 300,000 won collapsed …

The price of Crafts t crumbled 300,000 won mark intraday. Currently, (22-01-25 14:39) Craftsman tons of stocks trading at 292,500 won are being dropped 3.15% p compared to the previous day. Foreign sinful is 30.12%, subscribed IPO fell over 40% p.

In the 25th tone jangbyeonggyu Craftsman Chairman said the admission to employees (ESOP) holds his shares through his organization’s board. Chapter chairman may be a We deeply understand that the hearts of those who will have a lot of tough four weeks, said unlimited liability though your Simeon make money and I care as ESOP, what heavy feels more responsibility as a member of the Executive he said.

He is the cause of the low price pointed to poor initial performance. Other viscosity was stressed the United States while they reap the money thus shrinking global liquidity and the overall weak stock market, this time investors are also likely to be a negative sentiment.

He said: optimistic about the future of On the other hand, that gather always rain, the market would eventually Rise Sun had encouraged the ESOP. In addition to signed said, but the current situation does not nook, momentum and continue to be a challenge because the mid- to long-term, obviously there will be good results.

ESOP holdings by Craftsman tonnes traded last year, shortly before the public is 351,525 shares, gondola is 498,000 won. Crafts tons employees acquired the ESOP were buying the shares accepted the ESOP loan funds acquired through the Korea Securities Finance. But is the failure to maintain a certain ratio of mortgage loans to the price decline in the terms of sale include the shares contrary provision conditions.

The collateral value with changes in value groups Sadat the shares as collateral that will pay us back the loan by the forced sale of shares falling beyond writing a certain percentage. ESOP loan collateral ratio of Craftsman tone is 298,800 won to 160%, known as the Maginot Line. However, the ESOP in the Crafts tons at the present time does not fit in right away opposite’re protecting him trading period. The deadline is scheduled for August this year.

Currently, Craftsman tons are under IPO decline compared to 40% p. Godonggeun CFO of Craftsman tonnes in question have not been evaluated neunyaneun tasked its shares in the IPO before the press conference is a speech that I know it is controversial in some overvalued. But there were some of the comments that undervalued the enemy. He was the last one won in number of 200,000,000 ordinary shares 13 570 shares one month. Purchase price is 348,000 won.

The less well-known professional jangbyeonggyu board chairman left the house.

The deep understanding that the hearts of the people with the ESOP will be hard lot.

ESOP participation because of individual decisions, I or the company (executives) While we may not be the endless responsibilities, and I care Simeon make money with our four weeks, I feel heavy responsibility to do as a member of the management team more.


Last year, when Weed Corona, took her a lot of old tasks usual meeting. At the time of my words, my top priority concern in ’22 that it is the ‘must, if a little lock-up member when the ESOP should it come loose they made money. Regardless of the recent situation, the ESOP is a task I always care about.

Stock management is not simple, and many factors act especially because you can raise the price artificially, you must use an ongoing nerve in many ways.

The current share price seems a several factor acting.

This poor initial performance of PUBG New State had a lot of expectations from home and abroad showed a negative effect on the share price. While the United States is to reap the money is decreasing global liquidity whereby the overall weak stock market in accordance with, this time, the easier it is also negative investors’ sentiment. But did not, Craftsman tone shortly after traded to confusion about the interpretation of the price Craftsman tonnes investors still seem to.

I am optimistic when it comes to the future PUBG New State. Among F2P games are pretty even bigger things with the Live service. Initial positive mood concerning the F2P PUBG PC / Console seem to know even the members. The challenge is not always successful. However, if you learn over again without losing the challenge, return to one day a good performance. Market is also true. Gather always rain, after all it is a floating market.

I still I did. There is no feat to raise equity in the short term, work to raise the company’s value over the long term may continue their work and have been doing so far. You can be responsible in the end.

Only the current situation does not nook, momentum and continue to be a challenge, because we believe in the long term would be definitely a good result.

Gamers in COD Warzone believe he has located the new secret weapon – will certainly after that be dissatisfied

Phone Call of Duty: War zone additionally provides cars along with different tools. They are also strong, according to a player, because he made 2 loads kills with an SUV automobile and won a lap. But Reddit swiftly disenchanted his meant secret weapon.

What has it with the secret weapon on themselves? The War zone Player as well as Reddit User Jam cowl was solo in the War zone and had actually broken a thick SUV off-road automobile throughout the game. He looked conveniently over the island map in the endgame as well as whenever he saw opponents, he got out and slammed her off.

In the protection of his automobile he got, according to his own statement, in the fight with the last 6 opponents no results and also could swiftly transform the website.

As a result, he placed the clip of the last mins of his round online as well as declared in the title The SUV remains in Solos Op!

In the long run he won the round with 24 eliminates. That in turn made him suspicious. Because 24 amuses as well as a last victory are not actually on the agenda?


Secret weapon is disenchanted Not the SUV is OP, your opponents do not fire back!

It’s not the SUV, the OP is, stated a customer. Your opponents do not shoot back!

What was the real factor for the strong win? However several viewers reacted to Reddit unlike Jam cowl. Since as opposed to maturing to him, he was explained that his opponents were absolutely not worthwhile.

As a matter of fact, the enemies do not appear to act really brilliant as well as an opponent pity so badly that also a Stormtrooper from Star had harmed. Even Jam cowl itself clears this:

If you intend to control hard in the war zone, after that take a look at our 3 solid attack rifle configurations.

It also covered Jam cowl and appreciated his triumph against the bot lobby. So you call in War zone rounds where exceptionally miserable opponents that practically keep in mind robots. Genuine crawlers, on the various other hand, do not exist in War zone.

I messed it and also revealed to him enormously, however he still missed every shot and also just pressed further into the emptiness. The entire game felt like a very weak crawler lobby, yet that was also shockingly poor.

Then a Reddit user said the adhering to ways words: We all occasionally get such a lobby. You have done what you needed to do and also did you grill. GG!

Call of Obligation: War zone likewise provides lorries in addition to different weapons. What has it with the secret weapon on themselves? The War zone Player as well as Reddit User Jam cowl was solo in the War zone as well as had snapped a thick SUV off-road car during the video game. What was the actual reason for the strong win? Yet several viewers reacted to Reddit unlike Jam cowl.

End of the strike at Raven Software

In the wake of the training of their union, Raven Software employees announced that they ended the strike that had lasted since December 6. With the key positive changes for quality assurance testers.

The account Twitter ABK Workers Alliance, which brings together employees of the Activision group Blizzard King since last summer, confirmed the end of the strike while remaining waiting for the recognition of the union Game Workers Alliance by the management of the group., which will not be under the responsibility of Microsoft before at least 6 months. As a reminder, 60 employees of the Raven Software Quality Assurance Department, the main developer of Call of Duty: War zone, had started a strike on December 6 after the announcement of the dismissal of 12 members of the team.

The drop of water that has shifted a vase already fulfilled by the usual problems of the profession, between the weakness of wages, the frequent Crunch and a lack of recognition that is often worth to the QA testers to be isolated on the margin of the other members. Of the development team. Employees had collected more than $370,000 from GoFundMe since the beginning of the strike. These donations will be set aside to support future events. The new season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone has been postponed by 12 days, without being able to measure the direct impact of the strike on this deadline.

Regarding the demands of Raven employees, a significant change has been announced by Activision: Quality Assurance testers will now work directly with other studio teams such as artists, facilitators, designers or programmers. It is the next step of a process that has been carefully studied and prepared for some time, and this structure allows Raven to align with the best practices of the other major activism studios. He Also acts with an important step in our broader plan to further integrate the QA into the development process., said a spokesperson for Activision.

Chronicles Lightstep Review

The Light step Chronicles video game came out on Steam for PC on August 1st. Nowadays, video game developers are mainly turning to mobile devices and develop fun, eye-catching games and adapted to portable devices. But now, Epic Entertainment brings us this rare choice in the genre, which is obviously a passion project, developed with a lot of ambition and care. It’s always an independent game, but if you take into account the fact that it is a textual adventure for PC, you know you need something new.

Development and reception

This game has been developed and published by Epic Entertainment . It is their title Fresh Out The Oven, while they have been involved in the development of several titles, such as Farm Slam, Free The Witch, and Text Adventures like Lifeline Whiteout. Lightship Chronicles is developed only for PC and is available on Steam at $9.99. As the game came out a few days ago, August 1st, it’s too early to note the important reviews and comments, but the few comments they received are too positive.

The Story (contains spoilers)

A foreign vessel is found in a military base SQ-112 on the planet Kepler 452B. A military team infiltrates and finds something unexpected. The crew is attacked and disabled. The player, the captain Cain Phoenix, then wakes up to be greeted by a giant mechanical eye, which presents himself as Clef and insists that it is the one who saved you from someone named Market. Clef is the artificial intelligence of the ship. Its name means advanced logic unit, empathy, psychology and heuristic. Then your host imposes a game Quid Pro Quo, you tell him things, then he tells you think…

You are aboard the Amar ok, a ship that, as Clef says, belonged to an emperor who had collected knowledge and stored in the ship. The knowledge that was sought after many civilizations, much more advanced than yours. This knowledge is now accessible for you, but you are asked for your help in return. Throughout the conversation, you are sitting on a chair that improves your senses and allows you to interact with the ship. As it is a textual adventure based on a story, we do not want to give too much. Just say that you are learning quickly who is Market and your host, Clef, has his own problems despite his superior artificial intelligence.

Gameplay (contains spoilers)

The entire gameplay is played in the form of sequences of questions and answers, or by navigating the same way on the ship and its orders. But as the story becomes interesting and more engaging, you feel like you enjoy a sci-fi movie. As you progress, you soon discover that there are several other hosts from the ship, apart from Clef, and they all want to prepare to see their version of the story and become their ally. Everyone has their own credible and persuasive story to tell you and everyone wants your help for a noble cause, or at least one who has the greatest advantage at stake.

As you keep talking to the ship’s IA, you start to realize that they are all one and the same AI who actually has a multiple personality disorder. And, like any true schizophrenic, each of his personalities believes absolutely what she says and that she is right. Now, it makes your choices very important, while your ability to read, treat and manage the information is what will take you through this game. Light step Chronicles quickly becomes a very difficult and step-by-step decisions game because it seems that the name comes to him.



Lightship Chronicles consists of a few well-realized backgrounds and repetitive animations. Everything you actually have is the inside, the outside and maybe some other scenes from ships. Visual diversity is therefore weak, but the small scenes and animations you see are really smooth, beautiful and expensive. It’s an intelligent way to make a visually impressive game, but at the same time with a budget that is crucial for an independent developer.


The video game Light step Chronicles will engage your mind and will not let you go until the end. If you start it, you will be forced to finish it, it’s like that. His engaging history is very organic, in a way, and will make you feel that you are one of the characters of a sci-fi novel, while his gameplay leaves enough room for your reasoning to be the main mechanism you Use. It’s really worth it if you catch it on sale, but it’s not worth its rewarding experience! ATMOSPHERE 10 Graphics 7 Gameplay 7

Event Guide Final Fantasy XIV All SainTS Wake 2022

The final Fantasia XIV the event Oratorio All Saints has finally made his comeback after more than 2 years. Despite being a Halloween-themed event this year will be held from January 20 to February 2 at 6:59 a. m. PST. Brings creepy, ghosts clowns and a series of new rewards for players to acquire them. This Guide All Saints Wake Event 2022, will guide you through each mission of All Saints’ Wake 2022, and we will list everything that is at stake.

Mission of the awakening of all the clowns

All Clowns ‘Wake is the initial mission of All Saints’ Wake 2022, located in Old Goiania in X: 10.4, Y: 8.5. Researcher talking to the Guild of Ventures, you’ll learn a mysterious figure dressed in strange clothes. The researcher asks you to find out more about the objectives of the clown and sends you to interview people of the village of Goiania.

There are 2 NPC in Goiania Old and New Goiania with whom you should talk to this mission. After talking with them and return with the investigator, you will be sent to meet with the guilty. The meeting point is close to the guild of furriers in X: 11.9, Y: 8.6. After the scene, talk to the investigator again (this time is just to the east) and then go to Central Shroud.

Here, you will interact with the target marker X: 23.2, Y: 23.4, before reaching the end of this mission talking to the researcher in Central Shroud.

A party to remember Mission

Researcher talks with the Guild of Ventures one more time to accept the next mission, a feast to remember. After a short scene, you must meet with Pope Gruff X: 22.8, Y: 22.7, it is below the walkway. This will unlock seasonal instance Feast of ghosts.

Instance of the feast of ghosts – FIX IV wake of all the saints

The Phantoms’ Feast is an instance of 4 men unrestricted class, work or level. Its design is based on the dungeon The Tam-Tara Deep croft and its variant Hard, only with a little more striking theme. You can run this with friends or be paired with others through the matching function in the game.

You not have access to your regular movements here. Instead, you use the diabolical flashlight and healing holy water. Lantern creates a conical area attack effect when used, instantly killing any Clown Wraith within it. It may contain 3 charges at a time and recharges relatively slowly. Meanwhile, holy water is used to save souls captive: there are 30 souls to save throughout the dungeon in total.

Progress through The Phantoms’ Feast is simple for the most part. You travel each room, killing Wraith and saving souls. The main challenges come in the form of three meetings, similar to the 3 heads enfrentarías normally in a normal dungeon.

Little Gruff Boss Guide

Not fighting against any of the bosses directly and, instead, must complete a certain goal. For Little Gruff, this comes in the form of chests pumpkin. The chests are generated around the arena and awarded points if you stand on them. The orange boxes with a single star worth 1 point, while the silver chests worth 2.

The goal is to reach 100 points without dying from bombs that are falling on the sand. These explode after about 8-9 seconds in a medium-sized AOE, flashing before detonating.

Gruff Mama Boss Guide

To overcome Mama Gruff, you must eat the various dishes she produces, at the same time kill the Wraiths that are generated around the arena. The dishes come in 2 forms, standard dishes and exquisite dishes. The first is worth 2 points, the second 10 and the goal is to return to reach 100 points.

The standard dishes are quick to eat while delicious dishes take much longer. The dishes usually appear in groups of 4 with one exquisite dish, while the Wraith appear periodically. The best strategy is initially ignored the Wraiths and then kill them while a person is eating delicious dish.

Gruff Papa Boss Guide

Gruff Pope is the final opponent The Phantoms’ Feast. While still not fight with him directly, he fights more than the other family members.

Instead of accumulating points during this meeting, you must release 34 other souls, in addition to those found in advance. Many Clown Wraiths and Captive Souls appear over time, which are treated normally. Meanwhile, Pope Gruff be cloned himself and start launching large AOE around the arena.

It is given a decent amount of time to leave these, and if they hit it, it will be awarded the disadvantage out of the body. This leaves you in a ghostly way, separated from your body. To return to action, you will have to walk slowly back to your body (there is a strap that shows you what way to take if you lose).

After saving 34 souls, the dungeon is over. You receive 6 pumpkin cookies as a reward for completing it, and you can finish the mission, returning to x: 10.4, and: 8.5 and talking to the investigator of the adventurers’ guild.

Mission completed – Rewards of All Saints Wake 2022

Completing the mission gives you another pumpkin cookie, besides the modern cosmetics item – to make clowns. This article unlocks a new option of facial paint on the beautician, which reflects the makeup using Papa Gruff.

To get the rest of the rewards, you must exchange pumpkin cookies with the NPC Shady Smock in Old Goiania X: 10.3, and: 9.2. There are 12 cookies to unlock the complete clown assembly (composed of 5 pieces of equipment), plus 6 others for both housing items. Magic prisms (pumpkin) can also be purchased by a cookie if you have any spare.

Get additional cookies is as simple as Running The Phantoms’ Feast, although this is done by talking to the Harlequin guide at Old Goiania near Shady Smock.

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I like Cod: Warzone not – but since the pandemic it is there for me

For some time I have always made a huge arch around Call of Duty. First, it’s me too dull, and secondly I’m not good in it. At least that’s what I thought until the Corona Pandemic changed everything, so my gaming. COD: War zone appeared at the same time and has been able to process my real apocalypse in the game since then.

Gaming in Corona: The one sought peace, the other stress

The Coronavirus presented all people ahead of a challenge: In order to ensure the best possible protection against infections, the complete everyday life had to be reduced. To deal with this new situation, everyone developed their own strategy, including in gaming. Many people sought and found, for example, relaxation and community in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I, however, felt a great meaninglessness and boredom. Before the pandemic, I had great fun when I saved kingdoms, worlds and galaxies in video games, but what did that still bring me? It was clear: I had other needs and therefore needed other games.

Cod developed here: War zone to my pandemic game. The Battle Royale booster, which sometimes came out in March 2020 on time for the first Lockdown in Germany, with his gameplay – could not reproduce the eternal fight in a time loop – my real life can not play better. The Iranian: I could never win Call of Duty before. To warble, to stump, too mainstream. And then also a Battle Royale game? Already three years ago, I explained in one of my first game tips articles that even Fortnite consists for me only from stress – and that I do not understand why someone wants to volunteer.

But now I did not want to experience stories, no Open Worlds and no shallow fun in video games: Now stress was the only thing I wanted. How practical that COD served nothing else. It was not only the stress, it was also the seemingly impossible task that irritated me, the task of winning this match as a last survivor. Or to make it better to make it better with another picture: Imagine you, you would like to get out with enough supplies in a bunker and has only a Rubik’s Cube. You know. This chunky cube, which is placed on average always after four minutes of shooting annoyed. Well was Cod: War zone My Rubik’s Cube . If I could not do anything anyway, I also could prove that I was very comfortable to shoot shooters and Battle Royale.

  • With this trailer Cod: War zone was first introduced. Since Verdant has changed a lot, zombies came and went, and meanwhile you are shooting on the tropical caldera map:


Cod: War zone – the wonderful hell, my new sport

The plane crosses Rebirth Island, here reigns eternal sunset. Soon we jump out with the parachute and look how far we come. I do not necessarily want to win, I just want to be thrown into as many hair-raising moments as possible. Since the delightful hiding and deserved in my very first round, two years and many fights have passed. It’s like in the Film Edge of Tomorrow, as well as Tom Cruise I have become better and better in this time loop, by experiencing thousands of situations, lost and sometimes won .

In no other game I will be so much aware of the meaning of my muscle memory: Even on the PS5 I play COD: War zone continues with my PS4 controller because I know this best and with this my thoughts can translate the fastest in movements. A completely new familiarity, on such a basal mechanical level. I do not need to home, I just need sports.

Even though Cod: War zone and I can not belong together as a game and player and I still like someone on the transit, at a time and a place I do not know, I will not be from the other players perceived as outsider or foreign bodies. Of course, it is over and too toxic, but in many cases we go correctly, praise, criticize and talk to us like loose friends, even if we got to know each other a few seconds in the plane. We know each other anyway, because we have the same goal.

Everything is so non-binding and appropriate, so fast-lived and chaotic, but thus mechanical and structured, every defeat is just as quickly forgotten as every victory . For the show continues, and I never wonder if I’m finally good, but only what I did in which situation did wrong. I have a challenge that I would never be completely masters and does not have to, I can arrange my situation, as in real life, I processed defeat better, I process stress better and does not have to be afraid of boredom. Because COD: War zone just eats it .

COD: War zone became my companion in the pandemic. I can play my everyday arrangement with a negative state of permanent condition and burn all emotions in this simulator. Whether Activision, Infinity Ward or Raven software that had in mind, is meaningless. Until the normality returns, I always know where I have a place – without having to like a cod ever.

Xbox Game Studios: Xbox Boss: Activision

A few days ago, Microsoft burst the bomb and proclaimed the next billions-heavy acquisition with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, after the company had already expanded his team through Animal last year.

In a recent business conference with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kick, Microsoft EPP and CFO Amy Hood, and Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, the latter shared his thoughts on the takeover.

Spencer is hardly surprising, enthusiastic about the acquisition and is looking forward to the renewed growth for the Microsoft family. Finally, Microsoft Gaming rises to the third-largest gaming company in the world as a result of the Deals behind Tencent and Sony. The Xbox boss reaffirms that the focus is not on short-term results in the acquisition:

We have seen the product roadmap of Activision Blizzard and are incredibly enthusiastic about what the teams created, and from the company’s pipeline in the coming years.

Similar to the acquisition of Animal, Spencer promises a good cooperation with positive effects for the existing player base as well as new target groups, not least due to cloud streaming offers for Activision Blizzards game catalog:


We have recently seen a strong performance of our existing Animal and Xbox Games Studios and are well positioned as administrators of great franchises of Activision Blizzard.

It does not stop there. This transaction extends our horizon and will further strengthen our approach to the consumer metaverse. This is because our vision of metaverse is based on overlapping global communities rooted in strong franchises.

This transaction adds Microsoft Gaming one of the most successful mobile publishers, and I personally look forward to learning about King’s innovative teams.

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