The preseason of League of Legends is leaving many players very happy, although there are many others who do not agree due to the changes they would arrive in the year 2022. However, there is something specifically in what many are of agreements, specifically the players who play the role of support: the rune of glacial improvement is being one of the best changes for the position of face to season 12. While the reverberation rune has always been something Quite safe for Engage supports like Nautilus or Leona, the glacial increase seems to fit perfectly with all these champions.

Every OP Glacial Synergy in Preseason

During the CUP a few days ago in which Top Esports got the victory, we could see how many of the players in the support role and engage champions chose the glacial improvement over reverberation with champions like Leona, Nautilus or Thresh. While it is true that this rune does not make the champions mentioned above not so tanks, yes they are much more effective in terms of hunted and start group fights that cause half of the team to see reduced its speed. It will be necessary to see if these runes change face to the season officially or if Riot Games has decided that diversity and fun is the most important.