Phone Call of Duty: Lead is a vanity shooter from 2021 developed by Sledgehammer Gaming as well as published by Activision. It was launched on November 5 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and also Xbox Collection. It is the 18th component of the whole call-of-duty collection. The project is about a special system, which is to nurture secret SA records during Globe Battle II in Hamburg. The tale is partially told in recalls of the private protagonists.

InC all of Duty: War zone to upload your change Activision ID and your name. We at Mango show you in this guide is 2 methods and explain why not let the name adjust too often.

Nick, username, pseudonym — a lot of the players on the internet using a kind of nickname on the net. This is the first business card that you agent to foreign players and may well have a major impact.

If you have enough of your old name, then you will find here all the important information to your display name and Activision ID in Call of Duty: change War zone.

Cod War zone: Change name with token

What name will appear in the game? While ye which can then be seen in the game in games such as World of Warcraft created a name for your characters, War zone is most portions of your Activision ID as the display name.

You can find other players (including the Cross Play) on the Actinic, but it is not the same ID, you sign up with Activision for the services.

The ID is usually out of your display name together and then still consists of a diamond and more digits.

What’s with the token is all about? Activision you can not change your Actinic 10 times a week. In fact, this can even be a few times a year.

Every 6 months distributed Activision called tokens, and you need a token to change your name. The deadlines for receipt of the tokens are:

1. March
1. September

Menu with the name change, you can see how many tokens it has to date. You can possess a maximum of 2 tokens.

How can I change my display name You have two options:?-Game in the account settings and on the official website of Call of Duty:

War zone: name change game

War zone: name change — in-game
Go into Settings
Select the tab on the far right Account
Go to the item Activision Account
Clicking on Display name change

Give your new name and presses confirm. But be careful: War zone not ask you for further confirmation. Check your entries so twice for errors.

Cod War zone: Change name on the website

War zone: Name Change — site
Visited and log you a
Move your mouse cursor above the right over your current Activision ID
Select the option Basic Info or in the general settings, the Basic Information
This change their information about your name, your address and your bottom and Activision ID
Click on Edit and give the code to send you down Activision

Even after editing you your identity must reaffirm and your account password to re-enter

We tested both methods and found that it is not enough in the second confirmation on the website when you sign up with your PlayStation or Xbox account. You need the password of your account Activision at this point. Also, if it is offered different.

Once you have adjusted your name, you can see on the in game Activision account options, as your display name and your Activision I’d look. Thus, it is certain that everything is right.

Do you have any questions about mechanics or wishes you guide on a specific topic in War zone, then do not hesitate to let us a relevant comment on Mango?

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