A new board game allows players the opportunity to create their own Restore of the Antilles -Sale to the thematic escape at home. Cosmos and Thames has announced a new version of Samir: the game noble Saliva: The Lord of the Rings — Shadows in the Middle Earth. The game assigns the players the task of helping Sam and Frodo to reach the Mount of Destiny Visiting Several places and eliminating obstacles. The game includes a mixture of riddles, riddles and «strange objects» along with some help letters in case players are stuck on their trip. The new game will have a price of sale to the public of $19.95 and will be launched in June.


Samir: The game is a popular franchise for the Thames and Cosmos, with more than twenty different stories to explore in a box. Each box acts as a living mystery in a box, and players must resolve several riddles and riddles to solve a central mystery before time runs out. The game is one of several similar style games «Escape Room in A Box», but Samir: The game also has puzzle and is now diversifying in licensed properties.