Mahmoud Aloud had just met for the first time in two Bundesliga games in a row for the first time thanks to his worth seeing 5: 1 final point, while his teammate Julian Brandt had found his head of double packer Thomas Meunière in the first half of the corner ball flank twice. Even in these scenes, joyful faces of the two had been captured.

Shortly after closing whistle at the interview with DAZN, where both professionals appeared on a strike and positioned side by side, the mood was slightly more turned up.

Does not Brandt has no flanks?

On the one hand, the 144-colored Bundesliga player Aloud, who often answered his partner Brandt after the questions with a broad grin. On the other side, that Brandt answered, but often had to look at Aloud smiling.

Correctly what they were going on, of course, too — such as Aloud, who was properly satisfied with the 5: 1 and admitted that, of course, so something is the most pleasure: It’s fun to date, definitely. When it works, it always does it Fun.

Rather, the former Gladbacher praised the former Leverkusen Brandt for his great flanks on double packer Meunière and even chatted something out of the team-owner sewing box: Julian really did a very good game today. So he has a good foot, he had to early aloud Do not train, we also call him Junior Beckham.

We make course standard training

Brandt himself, whose two templates were almost like a roulette, but quickly realized: Of course, we make standard training, we have our processes. What a bit unfamiliar has been today, is that then Thomas Meunière finds the way to the goal twice. But so, through training, is not all coincidence.

What the 25-year-old still wanted to get rid of: We left feathers to the end of the first round, we’ve been doing a lot and discussed the problems. I think that now more sustainability comes in.