Every month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get access to a selection of EA play rewards from gambling such as FIFA 22, Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042 and more. Stylishly starts the new year with the latest cosmetics.


Complete list of all content:

  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Hero Tim Cahill Tight Set: January 1 to January 31st
  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 3 XP-Boost: December 24th to 3 February
  • Apex Legends Rig Helmet Weapon Charm: January 5 to 1 February
  • NHL 22 Chen Heritage Set: January 1st to January 31st
  • Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team Playoffs Pack: January 14th to February 16th

  • Madden NFL 22 Hephaestus Set: January 14th to 16th February
  • Battlefield 2042 Cap-EM Weapon Charm: January 1 to January 30th

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members receive EA Play at no extra cost, so they enjoy great playing benefits and a library of top plays.

EA PLAY Members can access challenges and rewards in the game, to unlock special content only for members, test versions of selected brand-new titles, access a collection of our most popular series and top titles and save 10 percent of the purchase of digital content from Electronic Arts.