The Light step Chronicles video game came out on Steam for PC on August 1st. Nowadays, video game developers are mainly turning to mobile devices and develop fun, eye-catching games and adapted to portable devices. But now, Epic Entertainment brings us this rare choice in the genre, which is obviously a passion project, developed with a lot of ambition and care. It’s always an independent game, but if you take into account the fact that it is a textual adventure for PC, you know you need something new.

Development and reception

This game has been developed and published by Epic Entertainment . It is their title Fresh Out The Oven, while they have been involved in the development of several titles, such as Farm Slam, Free The Witch, and Text Adventures like Lifeline Whiteout. Lightship Chronicles is developed only for PC and is available on Steam at $9.99. As the game came out a few days ago, August 1st, it’s too early to note the important reviews and comments, but the few comments they received are too positive.

The Story (contains spoilers)

A foreign vessel is found in a military base SQ-112 on the planet Kepler 452B. A military team infiltrates and finds something unexpected. The crew is attacked and disabled. The player, the captain Cain Phoenix, then wakes up to be greeted by a giant mechanical eye, which presents himself as Clef and insists that it is the one who saved you from someone named Market. Clef is the artificial intelligence of the ship. Its name means advanced logic unit, empathy, psychology and heuristic. Then your host imposes a game Quid Pro Quo, you tell him things, then he tells you think…

You are aboard the Amar ok, a ship that, as Clef says, belonged to an emperor who had collected knowledge and stored in the ship. The knowledge that was sought after many civilizations, much more advanced than yours. This knowledge is now accessible for you, but you are asked for your help in return. Throughout the conversation, you are sitting on a chair that improves your senses and allows you to interact with the ship. As it is a textual adventure based on a story, we do not want to give too much. Just say that you are learning quickly who is Market and your host, Clef, has his own problems despite his superior artificial intelligence.

Gameplay (contains spoilers)

The entire gameplay is played in the form of sequences of questions and answers, or by navigating the same way on the ship and its orders. But as the story becomes interesting and more engaging, you feel like you enjoy a sci-fi movie. As you progress, you soon discover that there are several other hosts from the ship, apart from Clef, and they all want to prepare to see their version of the story and become their ally. Everyone has their own credible and persuasive story to tell you and everyone wants your help for a noble cause, or at least one who has the greatest advantage at stake.

As you keep talking to the ship’s IA, you start to realize that they are all one and the same AI who actually has a multiple personality disorder. And, like any true schizophrenic, each of his personalities believes absolutely what she says and that she is right. Now, it makes your choices very important, while your ability to read, treat and manage the information is what will take you through this game. Light step Chronicles quickly becomes a very difficult and step-by-step decisions game because it seems that the name comes to him.



Lightship Chronicles consists of a few well-realized backgrounds and repetitive animations. Everything you actually have is the inside, the outside and maybe some other scenes from ships. Visual diversity is therefore weak, but the small scenes and animations you see are really smooth, beautiful and expensive. It’s an intelligent way to make a visually impressive game, but at the same time with a budget that is crucial for an independent developer.


The video game Light step Chronicles will engage your mind and will not let you go until the end. If you start it, you will be forced to finish it, it’s like that. His engaging history is very organic, in a way, and will make you feel that you are one of the characters of a sci-fi novel, while his gameplay leaves enough room for your reasoning to be the main mechanism you Use. It’s really worth it if you catch it on sale, but it’s not worth its rewarding experience! ATMOSPHERE 10 Graphics 7 Gameplay 7