In the wake of the training of their union, Raven Software employees announced that they ended the strike that had lasted since December 6. With the key positive changes for quality assurance testers.

The account Twitter ABK Workers Alliance, which brings together employees of the Activision group Blizzard King since last summer, confirmed the end of the strike while remaining waiting for the recognition of the union Game Workers Alliance by the management of the group., which will not be under the responsibility of Microsoft before at least 6 months. As a reminder, 60 employees of the Raven Software Quality Assurance Department, the main developer of Call of Duty: War zone, had started a strike on December 6 after the announcement of the dismissal of 12 members of the team.

The drop of water that has shifted a vase already fulfilled by the usual problems of the profession, between the weakness of wages, the frequent Crunch and a lack of recognition that is often worth to the QA testers to be isolated on the margin of the other members. Of the development team. Employees had collected more than $370,000 from GoFundMe since the beginning of the strike. These donations will be set aside to support future events. The new season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone has been postponed by 12 days, without being able to measure the direct impact of the strike on this deadline.

Regarding the demands of Raven employees, a significant change has been announced by Activision: Quality Assurance testers will now work directly with other studio teams such as artists, facilitators, designers or programmers. It is the next step of a process that has been carefully studied and prepared for some time, and this structure allows Raven to align with the best practices of the other major activism studios. He Also acts with an important step in our broader plan to further integrate the QA into the development process., said a spokesperson for Activision.