The price of Crafts t crumbled 300,000 won mark intraday. Currently, (22-01-25 14:39) Craftsman tons of stocks trading at 292,500 won are being dropped 3.15% p compared to the previous day. Foreign sinful is 30.12%, subscribed IPO fell over 40% p.

In the 25th tone jangbyeonggyu Craftsman Chairman said the admission to employees (ESOP) holds his shares through his organization’s board. Chapter chairman may be a We deeply understand that the hearts of those who will have a lot of tough four weeks, said unlimited liability though your Simeon make money and I care as ESOP, what heavy feels more responsibility as a member of the Executive he said.

He is the cause of the low price pointed to poor initial performance. Other viscosity was stressed the United States while they reap the money thus shrinking global liquidity and the overall weak stock market, this time investors are also likely to be a negative sentiment.

He said: optimistic about the future of On the other hand, that gather always rain, the market would eventually Rise Sun had encouraged the ESOP. In addition to signed said, but the current situation does not nook, momentum and continue to be a challenge because the mid- to long-term, obviously there will be good results.

ESOP holdings by Craftsman tonnes traded last year, shortly before the public is 351,525 shares, gondola is 498,000 won. Crafts tons employees acquired the ESOP were buying the shares accepted the ESOP loan funds acquired through the Korea Securities Finance. But is the failure to maintain a certain ratio of mortgage loans to the price decline in the terms of sale include the shares contrary provision conditions.

The collateral value with changes in value groups Sadat the shares as collateral that will pay us back the loan by the forced sale of shares falling beyond writing a certain percentage. ESOP loan collateral ratio of Craftsman tone is 298,800 won to 160%, known as the Maginot Line. However, the ESOP in the Crafts tons at the present time does not fit in right away opposite’re protecting him trading period. The deadline is scheduled for August this year.

Currently, Craftsman tons are under IPO decline compared to 40% p. Godonggeun CFO of Craftsman tonnes in question have not been evaluated neunyaneun tasked its shares in the IPO before the press conference is a speech that I know it is controversial in some overvalued. But there were some of the comments that undervalued the enemy. He was the last one won in number of 200,000,000 ordinary shares 13 570 shares one month. Purchase price is 348,000 won.

The less well-known professional jangbyeonggyu board chairman left the house.

The deep understanding that the hearts of the people with the ESOP will be hard lot.

ESOP participation because of individual decisions, I or the company (executives) While we may not be the endless responsibilities, and I care Simeon make money with our four weeks, I feel heavy responsibility to do as a member of the management team more.


Last year, when Weed Corona, took her a lot of old tasks usual meeting. At the time of my words, my top priority concern in ’22 that it is the ‘must, if a little lock-up member when the ESOP should it come loose they made money. Regardless of the recent situation, the ESOP is a task I always care about.

Stock management is not simple, and many factors act especially because you can raise the price artificially, you must use an ongoing nerve in many ways.

The current share price seems a several factor acting.

This poor initial performance of PUBG New State had a lot of expectations from home and abroad showed a negative effect on the share price. While the United States is to reap the money is decreasing global liquidity whereby the overall weak stock market in accordance with, this time, the easier it is also negative investors’ sentiment. But did not, Craftsman tone shortly after traded to confusion about the interpretation of the price Craftsman tonnes investors still seem to.

I am optimistic when it comes to the future PUBG New State. Among F2P games are pretty even bigger things with the Live service. Initial positive mood concerning the F2P PUBG PC / Console seem to know even the members. The challenge is not always successful. However, if you learn over again without losing the challenge, return to one day a good performance. Market is also true. Gather always rain, after all it is a floating market.

I still I did. There is no feat to raise equity in the short term, work to raise the company’s value over the long term may continue their work and have been doing so far. You can be responsible in the end.

Only the current situation does not nook, momentum and continue to be a challenge, because we believe in the long term would be definitely a good result.