NFTs remain a controversial issue in the industry. Although players reject this trend, companies continue to enter this market more and more. One of the companies that have been found in the Hurricane Eye is Ubisoft , who with his Quartz initiative has had a complicated start. However, the company’s executives have made it clear that this is not because users do not want this type of content, but consumers simply do not understand the “benefits” that the NFT offer.

Ubisoft Thinks Gamers Are IDIOTS! NFTs Don't Belong In Games!
In a recent interview with Finder, Nicolas Board, Vice President of the Laboratory of Strategic Innovations of Ubisoft, and Didier Genesis, technical director of Blockchain of Ubisoft, talked about how great the NFTs are, trying to convince the public that They simply do not understand the benefits that this technology will offer in the future . This was what Board said about:

“I think players do not understand what a digital secondary market can provide them. For now, due to the current situation and the NFT context, players really believe that, in the first place, it is destroying the planet and, secondly, it is only a tool for speculation. But what we [in Ubisoft] We are seeing first is the end of the game. The final game is about giving players the opportunity to resell their articles once they have finished with them or have finished playing the game itself.

Then, it’s really for them. It is really beneficial. But do not understand it for now.

In addition, this is part of a paradigm shift in the games. Going from an economic system to another is not easy to handle. There are many habits that you should go against and a lot of your ingrained mentality that you must change. Take time. We know”.

Next to this, it has been mentioned that Ubisoft already expected the negative response from the community. However, the company remains firm in its decision to fully enter the NFT market, this regardless of how many people demonstrate a disinterest or hatred for this trend.

On related topics, Ubisoft will close the servers of Hyper Scale, its Battle Royale, in a couple of months. Similarly, NFT sales in Ubisoft are a disaster.

Editor’s note:

In what seems to be a joke of the Simpson, Ubisoft has pointed out that youth does not understand this business, when it does not really understand it, and for that reason many detest the NFTs. However, if something demonstrated the INAMI auction, it is that there is a market, which Ubisoft wants to please.