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How to change the weapon in Shadow Warrior 3

Lo Wan boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, including firearms, katanu and combat weapons. With such a number of weapons to choose from juggling, they can be a bit confusing. So, you may be wondering how to switch weapons in Shadow Warrior 3.

To change the weapon in Shadow Warrior 3, you can either Press the Y / Triangle button or hold it down To open the wheel of the weapon on the console. For PCs, you can Rotate the mouse wheel or use the numeric keys switch between your guns. To switch to Katan, you can click right bumper or Right-click .

Pressing the weapon shift button will switch two weapons with which you are equipped. If you hold the button and open the weapon wheel, you can choose any weapon that you have, and immediately switch to it.

Finally, you can freely switch between your weapons and rolling, pressing any of the attack buttons. The combination of firearms and hand-to-hand combat is the best way to cope with any imagging enemy, and now you know exactly how to choose the right weapons for work.

Shadow Warrior 3 Review
For more information about Shadow Warrior 3, get acquainted with the section “How to use spontaneous attacks Kame in Shadow Warrior 3” and “How to break yellow vines in Shadow Warrior 3” in the game manuals for professionals.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – this wishes our community

In 2017, the Zelda series with Breath of the Wild introduced new ways, which were predominantly crowned, but they did not like every fan. What should the second part be better? Our community agreed.

This MIGHT Be Bad News For Breath of The Wild 2…
Despite the sparse information situation, Zelda fans long for breath of the game 2, which should appear this year. The reasons are different: while lovers of the predecessor would like to experience more from the open-world formula, other a classic Zelda wishes .

We do not know much about the highly awaited action adventure – except that it will be a direct continuation of Breath of the Wild **. Gameplay speculation and hopes run at full speed.

We asked our community on Facebook, What you want from Breath Of The Wild 2 . We summarize the answers in this picture gallery:

Are you similar opinion or do you have deviant hopes? Anyway, we can hardly wait for new information about the latest Zelda part.

THE GAME AWARDS winning trophy and net auctions of a certain game. About the development team for about four years

The trophy that should be awarded at the Game Festival “The Game Awards” was sold at the net auction. The detected YouTuber purchased the same trophy and it seems to have returned to the original owner’s developer.

The Game Awards is a game festival that will be held once a year. In addition to “Game of the Year” to determine the best games for a year, award is given to the good works of different sectors. In addition, new information etc. are often revealed in the ceremony, and the degree of attention of gamers is also high. And the trophy of winged women given to the awarded developers was a proof that the winged development effort and the quality of work were recognized. I’m releasing a winged goddess. It is often accepted from the winners on the stage, or it is often commented on the weight. If you have seen the video of the event, it will be something left for the impression.

It is said that the actual thing of trophy, which is a proof of such honor, was exhibited in the auction site eBay. Moreover, with a prompt decision price 500 USD (about 58,000 yen). It is not an article that is originally selling originally, in any way or cheap. A trophy sales page has been discovered by Ryan B., which operates YouTube channel Prestigeiskey. He said he tried to buy the Game Awards trophy replica to decorate the office. So I was looking for a good trophy in eBay, he suddenly discovered an auction page that claims to be a real trophy.

It is a trophy that should be decorated to the developer. According to the auction page, the seller themselves do not know about the origin of this trophy. In addition, items that were selling other than sellers seem to have a car part, not game-related, but also a car part. Ryan B. is a bet, but he made a bet. When he bided at $ 375 (about 43,000 yen), it seems that he was successful and shipped immediately and arrived at his hand immediately.

However, it is not just like trophy can buy at auction. Mr. Ryan B. “I thought it may have been stolen,” and I asked for a developer. The name of the game engraved on the trophy is the 2D action game “CELESTE”. It is EXTREMELY OK GAMES that worked. Fortunately, Ryan B. has been able to take contact with Heidy Motta, who serves as operation manager at the same studio. And when I visited the trophies, Motta has returned an answer that “Trophy is not at our hand”. In other words, suspicious trophies were true. “Celeste” has won his Independent Game Division at the Game Awards, held in 2018, and the development team goes on the stage, and it is also a picture that trophies will be delighted to the hand It is left.

Once the trophy raised is exhibited by EBAY? According to the content where Ryan B. was inquired, the trophy received on the stage was returned to the Game Awards side once. Although the trophy was supposed to be mailed later, it was said that it was not delivered for about four years. Also, the history of whether the trophy not mailed was sold in eBay is also unknown at present.

Ryan B. “I would like to return to Extremely OK Games as” what is originally developed “. On the other hand, the studio side is proposed to bear the trophy price and shipping cost. About four years The lady goddess statue that has been lost for about four years seems to have been successfully returned to the hands of the legitimate owner. Also, Ryan B. is also delivering the “open videos” of the Game Awards trophy, among the videos that convey a series of events. First of all, it is interesting content that touches a proactive item that does not get a general gamer.

Unboxing a MISSING Game Award & Returning it! (Missing FOUR Years!)

  • Opening video part is from 4 minutes to 30 seconds of videos

First, trophies are put in a fairly solid paper box. When the letters of the Game Awards are covered with a covered lid, a cushion lined with a smooth fabric, such as satin, is placed. At this point, it is an impression that a real aura is out. And sleeping in it is the trophy of the honor of honor. If you think that it was sleeping for about four years in this, it’s like a game item.

According to the impression that Mr. Ryan B. Touched, the trophy is the weight that surpasses expectations. It seems that the presenter and developers say “heavy more” on the stage, and it seems that they had physical weight as well as the weight of that honor. Also, the part of the wing is very sharp. He has shown the view of the winged material at the end of opening at the tip of the wing, indicating that it is not buffer but not considered safety. Every time I saw the Game Awards, someone did not drop the trophy. However, depending on how you drop it, you may stab the ground.

With the unexpected discovery, the Game Awards trophy came to the originated from the day again and returned to the developer. It is a place where it was not reached to the development source or the history of being out of sale. However, if there is no such accident, there will be no opportunity to hear the “hands-on review” of trophy by general gamers.

EXTREMELY OK GAMES is currently developing a new search type 2D action “Earthblade” (related articles). The trophy of honor that came back through a long journey will watch over the development of the same work.

This is a raid “Year-end basis rate 1.75 to 2.0% Market expectation”

The Bank of Korea decided to operate the 24th Financial Currency Committee (Movie) and operated by 1.25%, which is the same level as the same level as the previous level. Since last year, we raise interest rates and to hide the rates, because Russia-Ukrainians are growing, and international oil prices are soaring, so that international oil prices are soaring.

However, this Municipal Bank Governor has strongly suggested the possibility of additional interest rates.

This governor said, “The criteria of 1.75 ~ 2.00% of the year, which are expecting the market, we believe that the criterion rate is as reasonable as the prospect of the Korean bank.”

The economic growth rate of the year this year was 3.0% as expected in November 2021, and the price increase rate was increased by 2.0% to 3.1% to 3.1%.

Up to three additional impressions until the end of the year

At the reporter’s conference shortly after the MILDD, the governor of this spinning is that the “Movie took a good rate of interest in the same time, and the change in the majority of monetary policy, etc. I need to look at, “he said,” he said, “he decided to keep the base rate at the current level.” The Movie Powered by the Movie was concluded freezing interest rates.

The governor said that the governor will continue to adjust the degree of relaxation of the monetary policy in the future. He said, “It is still necessary to have a high price of high water, such as now, and the need to reduce financial imbalance risk”.

As the interest rate hikes and waterfront growth of the US Federal Reserve (Federation), the market is expanding on the market, and the market for the market is up to 1.75 ~ 2.00% YoY in the year, “I have answered.” If you raise interest rates by 0.25% P, you will be observed for up to three times until the end of the year.

The governor said, “I think that” growth, waterfront and foreign condition flow on market expectation, and there is no significant difference in the market and the Korea bank seeing the Korean Bank. “

This governor pointed out that it is difficult to evaluate as a ‘tightening’ even if additional impressions have been further impressions as 1.50%.

As the waterfront rose, the need for the response of the monetary policy is greater than before.

“If the price increases, the degree of monetary policy is expanding, and the need for a monetary policy to stabilize the waterfront is greater than the previous,” This is because it is a I am considered to be considered.

Water price rise forecast 3 months old 1.1% p up… Rur – Woo Dynasty

The Bank of Korea has been the same as 3.0% of the economic growth rate forecast this year, but the rise in prices increased by 2% to 3.1%. Compared with the 2.5% of the year 2021, the price of price increases this year is high. In January, consumer prices are 3.6%, and the rise in price increase since October 2021 continues to rise 3%.

This governor said, “It was big and broader than that,” It was large and broader than expected in the short period of time, “he said.” Russia-Ukraine’s geopolitical risk and international oil prices have raised the forecast to rise sharply. “

He saw Russia and Ukrainians as the biggest variable during factors raising the price of prices. This governor said, “There is a” award and lower risk, but Ukrainians will affect domestic prices, “If Russia and Ukraine go to all, the prices will act on the other side, and the price of raw materials will act as an upper factor.” Explained.

“Korea, Stag Episode” Emphasis

The total nitrate governor emphasized the stagflation that is raised in the perceiver. “It is not a situation in which it is a situation that is considered to be concerned,” Stagnation (economic recession) is a definition of the situation. I expected the level of potential growth rate. “

He also expects to continue monitoring to continue to stimulate water due to the recently done government’s additional law (tax). The governor says, “If the price of the price is expected to increase by 3%, it is said that concerns that concerns can be raised,” if they will be able to stimulate the prices, ” I did not have a strong nature, but it is not limited to the influence, but it said.

“The central bank entry is that it is not to stimulate a situation in which 3% continues to stimulate,” he said, “he added.

The following is a call policy orientation specialist.

The Financial Call Committee shall maintain the Korean banking interest rate (1.25%) and operate the monetary policy by maintaining the Korea bank reference interest rate (1.25%) until the next currency policy direction decision.

The global economy continued to recover without increasing the vaccination in the vicinity of viruses. In the International Financial Market, due to concerns about the rate of raising the rate of policy interest rates in US Federal Reserve, Ukraine, due to Ukraine, the majority of government bond interest rates rose sharp and share price significantly. In the future, the World Economy and the International Financial Market will be influenced by Corona 19’s deployment situation, global inflationary movements, major currency policy changes, and geopolitical risks.

Domestic economy continued to recover in Corona 19 relaxation. The recovery of private consumption was dangted by strengthening the protrusion of the disaster, but exports continued to be robust thanks to the solid global demand. Equipment investment was affected by global supply disruptions and was somewhat adjusted. The employment situation continued to improve the number of employees. In the future, the domestic economy continues to grow the reliable tax of exports, and the recovery of private consumption recovery is expected to continue to continue to resume a good growth. During this year, GDP growth is expected to not be devoted to a 3% level, a forecast of November.

Consumer prices continued a high level of 3% of the high levels of centralized, such as the high rise of the high rise in the high rise of the petroleum prices, the increase in personal services and the price of industrial product prices,. The general public expectation inflation rate exhibited 2% of the central level. In the future, consumer prices are expected to rise from November to the rise in November, resulting in a significantly exceeding 3% award, and an annual is expected to represent 3% per year. The origin of origin is expected to increase to mid-2% of this year.

In the financial markets, we have been influenced by international financial market movements, resulting in a large expenses of long-term market, and the share price was significantly lowered, and the won / dollar exchange rate was slightly increased. Household loans have been reduced by increasing, and housing prices have slowed in the metropolitan area and provinces.

The Financial Call Committee will continue to grow in the future, and will ensure that the rise in the price increase rate in the medium-sized watch can be stabilized at the goal level, and will be able to operate the monetary policy in response to financial stability. Corona 19 Related uncertainties are involved, but the domestic economy continues to have a good growth, and it is expected that the price of price is expected to exceed the target level, and will appropriately adjust the degree of relaxation of the monetary policy. In this process, the additional adjustment of the degree of relaxation will be judged to check that Corona 19’s development situation, financial imbalance risk, risk of financial imbalance, ripple effect of the rate of immeasure, and the flow of major national monetary policy changes, growth and water flow.

Sony will improve the PlayStation app with more features

New PlayStation App Update | PS Mobile App Update Available Now
Slow but safe, Sony has been increasing the capabilities of the PlayStation App on devices iOS and Android. After being tested in Canada and Japan , the function of Game Capture Finally, it will be coming to the rest of the world, and this will allow you to access your photo gallery of PS5 from your phone.

It will be necessary to enable this function in the configurations of your ps5 , and once you do it, all your photographs and videos will be available on your cell ph1. You will have a 14-day window from the creation of your content to download it to your phone, and from there you can publish it on social networks.

After these 14 days come to an end, all the content created will remain valid in the SSD of your PS5 , but you will not be able to access it from your cell ph1. Despite these restrictions, Game Capture is a fairly useful function that will give you greater relevance to the application of PLAYSTATION **.

Editor’s note: Little by little, the PS App has been improving and not only about its design, but also in its functionality. Eventually we can also see the screens of our friends, something that is already possible from the consoleSlow but safee, Sony has been increasing the capabilities of the PlayStation App on devices iOS and Android. After being tested in Canada and Japan , the function of Game Capture Finally, it will be coming to the rest of the world, and this will allow you to access your photo gallery of PS5 from your phone.

It will be necessary to enable this function in the configurations of your ps5 , and once you do it, all your photographs and videos will be available on your cell ph1. You will have a 14-day window from the creation of your content to download it to your phone, and from there you can publish it on social networks.

After these 14 days come to an end, all the content created will remain valid in the SSD of your PS5 , but you will not be able to access it from your cell ph1. Despite these restrictions, Game Capture is a fairly useful function that will give you greater relevance to the application of PLAYSTATION **.

Editor’s note: Little by little, the PS App has been improving and not only about its design, but also in its functionality. Eventually we can also see the screens of our friends, something that is already possible from the console.

Guide for Beginners of Elden Ring

Elden Ring is about to appear on the screens of players around the world. He embarks on his next FromSoftware adventure by entering The Lands Between, a world created with the help of George RR Martin. In this guide for Elden Ring beginners, we will cover part of the important information about your southern, how you will improve your character and help to invoke.

What else can your pouch in Elden Ring?

Players who return to Souls will find many similarities between previous experiences and Elden Ring, and it is likely that you think the same as your pouch. With limited charges for use between grace sites, you must ration them to make sure to survive. Elden Ring gives you two flasks to enjoy at the beginning of the game; The bottle of crimson tears, which recovers your health points, and the bottle of cerial tears, which restores your points of strength. As you progress in the game, you can increase the usefulness of jars:

  • Golden Seeds: These seeds can be found in ethereal shoots and increase the amount of loads your bottle has.
  • Sacred tears: They can be found in the different broken churches and increase the amount of HP / FP recovered from the bottle.

There is also a third jar called Flask of Wondrous Physick that can be found in Mistwood. This flask only has a burden, but by combining different Crystal Tears that you find in the open world, you can alter the flask effect from simply to cure you until you create large explosions or improve statistics.

There is a anillo de Elden Bonfire? HMM, none of the intermediate lands

The equivalent of bonfire in Elden Ring are the sites of grace and the least powerful stakes of Marika. A big difference with respect to games similar to the above soul is that you do not need to rest on the sites of Grace or Stakes of Marika, to better facilitate the open world settings of Elden Ring, these places will be unlocked as you travel near they.

Sites of grace

Grace sites will definitely be familiar as a checkpoint so that players rest. When you rest here, your health will be automatically filled and your flash will be replenished. Another benefit of visiting these grace sites is that they can also have bright lights that radiate from them in a certain direction, follow this will help players find new places of interest. As you progress in the game, these grace sites will also serve you as teleport points.

Marika bets

These locations on your map really only serve as a checkpoint. It is definitely worth activating them as it progresses, as you can choose them as a place to reappear if it dies, but they do not have any of the other benefits you would get from a site of grace.

Elden ring torrent

Every warrior needs the noble steed of him and yours is the spectral steel torrent. After speaking with Melina, you will get an object called Spectral Steed Whistle. You can use this article at any time outside to summon your horse. While Torrent drivers, you can fight, use elements and jump up and down by cliffs or other vertical obstacles. This improved movement will allow you to spend a more fluent time crossing this open world.

Do not believe that by having a horse you do not have to worry about since Torrent can die as easily as you. Torrent can be trapped in cross fire, get enough damage and disappear.

For Torrent to recover his full health, he can perform one of two actions:

  • Spend a use of your healing bottle after using spectral steed whistle to return full health
  • Rest in a site of grace

Elden Ring Beginners Guide - Everything You Need To Know - Elden Ring Tips And Tricks

invoke animals to fight by your side

Throughout your trip you will find Spirit Ashes, an example of this are the Fanged IMS ashes that you can choose as I remember when you start your adventure. You can use Spirit Ashes to convene different animal spirits to help you in battle.

The necessary element to invoke these ashes is the bell of spiritual call. You can get the bell that calls the spirit by buying it from Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Old, you can also get as a gift from Renna the Witch. You can use this element in Rebirth Monuments that can be found in headers of major heads and locations on the map.

Each set of ashes could summon a single ally or could summon a group of allies. All these allies can benefit from the effects of healing spells or improvements that allow you to increase its usefulness. Another way to increase the usefulness of Spirit Ashes is to improve them using Grave Gloveworts and Ghost Gloveworts. You can not update your Spirit Ashes as soon as you start the game, but after completing some missions with Spirit Trader, this option will be unlocked. Updating Spirit Ashes can increase your attack, defense, health and, in the case of herd spirits, you can also increase your number.

Exit the road

It would not be a game of souls if dodging rolling was not a comprehensive mechanics of the game. As in Dark Souls, the percentage of your Equip Load that you wear determines what type of shirp you get. As expected, the less you wear, the faster you will be standing and more easily you can get out of the attacks. The breakdown of rolling speeds is as follows:

  • More than 100% of the equipment load -> can not rolling and even your walking movement will slow down.

  • More than 70% -> This is the slower roll type. You will have difficulty using this in combat and, often, you will feel frustrated by the way it inhibits its speed of movement.
  • Above 30% but below 70% -> This is the medium roll. It works well in combat and travel.
  • Less than 30% -> Quick turn helps you through the terrain, it also offers you the fastest way to get out of the attack line in combat.

Note: If your resistance increases, you can also increase your maximum equipment load. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not want to give up your team but you want to shoot faster, you may be near the threshold.

Small gaming notebook exceeds the desktop! ? 13.4 type 2-in

ROG FLOW Z13 is a 2-in-1 gaming notebook published from ASUS on February 17, 2022.

It is 2-in-1, which is a tablet with removable keyboard covers, but it is a major feature that it has gaming performance that can play 3D games al1. In addition, you can also enjoy heavy-level games such as “Battlefield 2042” and “Microsoft Flight Simulator” by connecting a dedicated EGPU unit “XG Mobile”.

This time, the model equipped with Intel Core I9 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop and Full HD 120 Hz LCD (GZ301ze-I9R3050 Te) and XG Mobile (GC31S-026) equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop as a valuation machine I was able to do.

In addition to having a sense of use that actually tried to play a weight game, it is a benchmark test combining three GPUs of the strongest class CPU and IGPU, DGPU, EGPU at this time, and with existing laptops and gaming desktop PCs I also tried comparison.

# 2021 From the 18th edition, the appearance and the contents are both innovated

“ROG FLOW Z13” is a compact look similar to Microsoft ‘Surface Pro, which can be said to be a 2-in-1PC standad, but various tuning is performed as a gaming PC, and a powerful external GPU is also optional. It is prepared by

As the ASUS Gaming PC Brand “ROG” (Republic of Gamers-Gehmer Republic), there are also “ROG FLOW X13” released in 2021. This is 2-in-1 that turns the liquid crystal 360 degrees and becomes tablet type, and AMD Ryzen 9 is adopted for CPU. This time is completely different from the same 2-in-1. The 360 ​​degree liquid crystal rotary type is continuously sold as “ROG FLOW X13 (2022)”.

Furthermore, the 3 models, including the 2022 new launch, including Z13, have various new technologies, such as MUX switches, liquid metal grays, and vapor chambers, and have a large basis performance as a gaming PC. This will be mentioned later later.

# 4 basic specifications from high-end to widespread price

First, let’s check the specifications of the “ ROG Flow Z13 ” series. The hardware specifications are divided into the hardware specifications from the top-level Core I9 model to the CORE I5 model of the widespread price.

Here, for convenience, the CPU built-in CPU is “IGPU” (DGPU), an independent GPU mounted on the base of the notebook PC “DGPU” (discrete GPU), and the GPU of the separate chain connecting with a cable “EGPU” It will be described as “External GPU”.

Of the four, the top two models are equipped with Core I9 and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop, and the main difference is the resolution and refresh rate of the LCD. The “GZ301ZE-I9R3050TE” (model number) to be evaluated this time is a product directed to gaming applications with a 1,920 × 1,200 dot resolution, with a liquid crystal of a 120 Hz refresh rate.

The other “GZ301ZE-I9R3050TE4K” (model number) is a product that seems to be aware of the creative application with gaming applications with 3,840 × 2,400 dots and 60 Hz LCD. Although the models are different, the product name is the same “ROG FLOW Z13 GZ301ZE”.

Located in the middle range on the product lineup, “ROG FLOW Z13 GZ301ZC” (Model number: GZ301ZC-I7R3050) is equipped with CORE I7-12700H and DGPU on GEFORCE RTX 3050 LAPTOP, 1,920 × 1,200 dot 60Hz in LCD..

“ROG FLOW Z13 GZ301ZA” (Model number: GZ301ZA-i5UMA), which is a low-end extension product, is equipped with CORE I5-12500H, 1,920 × 1,200 dots 60Hz in LCD. DGPU is not installed and only IGPU Intel IRIS XE is.

The main specifications are summarized below.

Product Name: ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZE Model number: GZ301ZE-I9R3050TE4K
CPU: Intel Core I9-12900H

Sorry. Your gaming laptop sucks now. - Asus Flow X13 Review

Liquid Crystal Display: 3,840 × 2,420 dots, 60 Hz
Memory: 16GB (LPDDR5-5200)
SSD: 1TB (PCI Express 4.0 x4 connection)
Weight: Tablet about 1.18 kg, cover type keyboard: about 340g
Price: 269,800 yen (tax included)

Product Name: ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZE Model number: GZ301ZE-I9R3050TE
CPU: CORE I9-12900H
Memory: 16GB (LPDDR5-5200)
Liquid Crystal Display: 1,920 × 1,200 dots, 120 Hz
SSD: 1TB (PCI Express 4.0 x4 connection)
Weight: Tablet about 1.18 kg, cover type keyboard: about 340g
Price: 254,800 yen (tax included)

Product Name: ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZC Model number: GZ301ZC-I7R3050
CPU: CORE I7-12700H
Memory: 16GB (LPDDR5-5200)
Liquid Crystal Display: 1,920 × 1,200 dots, 120 Hz
SSD: 512GB (PCI Express 4.0 x4 connection)
Weight: Tablet about 1.18 kg, cover type keyboard: about 340g
Price: 239,800 yen (tax included)

Product Name: ROG Flow Z13 GZ301ZA Model number: GZ301ZA-I5UMA
CPU: CORE I5-12500H
IGPU: IRIS XE (CPU built-in)
DGPU: None
Memory: 16GB (LPDDR5-5200)
Liquid Crystal Display: 1,920 × 1,200 dots, 120 Hz
SSD: 512GB (PCI Express 4.0 x4 connection)
Weight: about 1.12kg tablet, cover type keyboard: about 340g
Price: 199,800 yen (tax included)

All memory is LPDDR5-5200, and SSD is a PCI Express X4 connection, and the most fast standards are currently adopted.

X13 (2021) is equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS on all model numbers, and GPU type (RTX 3050 TI and GTX 1650), memory loading amount (32GB and 16GB), SSD capacity (1TB and 512 GB) discrimination It was d1. In this z13, all memory is all 16GB, and CPU spreads from CORE I9 to CORE I5, and CORE I5 model is only IGPU.

It is said that it was 16 GB of the specification as a global model that the memory was 16GB unity was that it was necessary to have a lot of demand.

The CORE i5 model is not DGPU is to suppress the price. It seems that there is also a pointed out that the PC that does not mount DGPU should be called “gaming PC”, but the keyboard is the gaming specification of all models N key roll over, and is installed in the CORE I series after Intel’s 11th generation “IRIS XE Graphics”, which is an IGPU, is considered to be able to achieve 60 fps in 1920 × 1080 dots, and has been significantly enhanced in the 12th generation.

The liquid crystal display is a slightly vertical longer than the aspect ratio of 1,920 × 1,080 dots, such as 1,920 × 1,080 dots, such as 1,920 × 1,080 dots, with 3,840 × 2,400 dots or 1,920 × 1,200 dots or 1,920 × 1,200 dots. There is a loss of vertical vertically at 16: 9 videos such as movies, but in the game, it is possible to make a merit, such as visible even in full screen condition, and it is 16 for office work and creative work. 16 The reason is that other companies’ products adopt a 16:10 display because it is easy to work and highly productivity.

The refresh rate of the 1,920 × 1,200 dot model used this time is 120 MHz. In order to rewrite the screen once per second, one screen is rewritten once in 0.0083 seconds, there are also 300 MHz and 360 MHz performance in the ROG model, but it is not enough specs for general gamers to play.

There was also specifications such as brightness 500nits, contrast 1000: 1, and it was a bright and easy-to-see display that actually plays the game and dissatisfied.

This liquid crystal display is a touch panel and can be used as a tablet PC if the keyboard is disconnected, and you can also use stylus pens such as ASUS PEN.

# Power up with dedicated EGPU and dock “ROG XG Mobile”

Another charm of the ROG Flow series is the existence of “ROG XG Mobile”, which is a dedicated EGPU and dock. The XG Mobile introduced here is a story about the product released mainly in 2021, but there are many topics common to the new product of 2022, which has been announced, so check the features again To go.

“EGPU” is a GPU that can be external to cable connections, and is like a turbocharger that can improve PC gaming performance and creative performance. Common EGPUs connect with one Thunderbolt3 cable. This is easy, but Thunderbolt3 is a bottleneck when the PCIe connection of 16 Gbps is connected. Even if there is a Thunderbolt4-enabled EGPU, the transfer rate at PCIe connection is 32 Gbps (Source: INTRODUCING Thunderbolt 4: Universal Cable Connectivity for Everyone | Intel NewsRoom).

ASUS is “ROG XG Mobile” as an “external graphics device”, but it will be unique to say EGPU. The difference from common EGPU is to connect with a dedicated cable of PCIe 3.0×8 (theoretical value 64 Gbps / effective value 63 Gbps), not Thunderbolt3. Because it is four times with theoretical value, it is easy to make more use of high-performance GPU performance.

Currently, XG Mobile has two lineups below.

Product Name: GC31S-026

Video Memory: 16GB
Price: 188,800 yen (including tax)

Product Name: GC31R-026

Video Memory: 8GB
Price: 149,800 yen (tax included)

Common EGPUs have a size close to a little desktop PC, and the hurdles of introduction were high even with heat dissipation and sound problems.

XG Mobile can be used as an AC adapter that supplies power to Z13 and X13 with a compact size with a width of 208 mm × depth 155 mm × height 29.6 mm. Furthermore, in addition to HDMI and DISPLAYPORT video output, it is equipped with a LAN port × 1, USB 3.2 TypeA port × 4, and SDXC memory card slot X1, so it can be used as a so-called external dock.

Connect up to two monitors and keyboards, mice, game controllers, etc. in XG Mobile, and get from out of the go, and connect to Z13 with one cable and use as a desktop machine, enable lifestyle and workstyles.

In addition to external monitors connected to XG Mobile, the external monitor can be connected to the Touch panel LCD and the Thunderbolt4 / USB Type-C connector, so you can use up to four displays simultaneously.

In addition to this, the release of “ROG XG Mobie GC32” equipped with the AMD RADEON RX series in 2022 has been earned. The materials are “USB Type-A × 4, DisplayPort 1.4 × 1, HDMI 2.1 × 1, 2.5 Gbase-T compatible LAN port × 1” and it seems that other than GPUs are updated.

The installed Radeon RX was “AMD RADEON RX 6850M XT” in the document of the proceeded in advance. RX 6850M XT is a GPU for the latest notebook PC announced by AMD in CES2022 in January 2022. The memory bus width is 192 bits and the maximum VRAM size is 12 GB, and the maximum memory bandwidth is 432 GB / s.

The RTX 3080 Laptop installed in XG Mobile GC31S-026 holds 16GB VRAM capacity with 256-bit memory bus width, and the maximum memory bandwidth when viewed in the NVIDIA control panel installed in Z13 borrowed this time Is 448.06 Gb / sec. If you look at this only, the GC32 of the new product may be inferior to the GPU specifications from the current GC31S-026, but when you contacted the ASUS Publication, it was an answer that “not a lower model”.

In the formal announcement document as of February 17, “AMD RADEON RX Series” is only a specific description of “RX 6850M XT”, so I do not know what the actual product will be. Let’s look forward to the formal announcement.

XG Mobile is not inferior to the main unit, and it seems to be a gaming PC peripherals, and the lamp is inside and the lamp is red, and the logo relief is coolly designed.

Chelsea beats Lille thanks to Hvertz and Pulisic Sovereign

Corner Ziyech – HAVERTZ: 1: 0

Chelsea immediately pressed the pace and Lille in the defensive. Until the first top chances of the dominant hosts, it did not last long, Hvertz had the early lead twice on the foot (4th, 7.). Better, the ex-Leverkusen made only a little later than he decidedly unified a Ziyech corner (8.).

At Lille, coach Jocelyn Gourvennec after the 0-0 against Metz for Gudmundsson, Gomes and Yilmaz with Celik, Onana and Renato Sanches had a new trio sent to the square – and the ex-Munich would have been careful with the support of Rüdiger almost for the compensation, The ball flew just over thereafter after the defender’s injured rescue attempt (11.).

The bold Frenchmen made sure that the statics after the Furious start of the counterparty in an intense and temporal duel changed something – not always the defensive of the blues retained the overview with partially angry attacks of OSC, but did not allow any compelling compensation.

Defensive around Thiago Silva is sure

Rarely, the eleven of Thomas Tuchel, who had nominated in the league against Crystal Palace Azpilicueta, Kovacic and Marcos Alonso for Sarr, Jorginho and Lukaku (All Bank) compared to the 1-0 Award success in the league against Crystal Palace Azpilicueta, Kovacic and Marcos Alonso (Marcos Alonso, 18.) – But put their main focus on a compact defense.

This worked well. The dugs pressed early and also recorded good approaches, but in the last third but the ignition idea was missing and again and again the ball landed at unprecedented playing in the catches of Thiago Silva & Co.

Chelsea lay on the lurk, sprayed with Ballerberner Kanté at a counterattack danger, Ziyech but worn out in the penalty area (29th). Otherwise, except for a long-distance shot of André in Mendy’s arms (36th), the first Goal Shot of the OSC, nothing more.

Kantés Great Run: 2: 0 by Pulisic

Chelsea also caught the better start at the beginning of the second passage, with good opportunities for Marcos Alonso (54.) and Hvertz (59th) increased the Tuchel-Eleven their opportunity plus. And the defending champion struck again: Kanté was in the midfield on the way to the penalty area inexorably, his tempered passed pass to Pulisic, who skillfully completed – 2: 0 (63.).

The blues now controlled the game, were still inviolable in the last third, even because Lille with a little more ball possessions remained harmless despite all efforts – a shy header of Botman in the 71st minute was hardly worth an entry on the chance box.

Christian Pulisic Goal against Lille with Griddy Celebration ????
A true opportunity to improve its own starting position through the headline, did not result in the dugs with the substitute Yilmaz. On the other hand, Werner still worked in the final minutes while Lukaku remained on the bench.

In the second leg, which takes place on March 16 (21 clock) in Lille, the blues have good cards on the quarterfinals. The next games: Chelsea meets on Sunday (5:30 pm) in the final of the English League Cup on Liverpool. Lille also guests on Sunday (20.45 clock) in Ligue 1 at Lyon.

Cod Warzone will modify the damage of the PPSH

CALL OF DUTY: Warzone will solve one of the problems that have splans the community in recent weeks. Raven Software hrecent weeks recognized the current imbalance of the Vanguard model of the subfusil PPSH-14 . In a brief Tweet the team ensures you work to solve it in the coming days.

“We are aware of a problem with the damage of the PPSH-41, which results in a non-intentional increrecent weekse in both the brecent weekse damage and the multiplied of localized damage,” reveals Raven in his official Twitter account. “Efforts are being made to return the weapon to their natural state.”

What happens to the PPSH-41 in Cod Warzone?

Huge Secret Buff to PPSH Makes it Overpowered in Warzone | Stealth Changes in Season 2 Update
Users have not stopped trying one of the weapons that destroy the current balancing of Battle Royale. Beyond that Vanguard weapons allow to place up to 10 unrestricted accessories , the subfusil hrecent weeks abnormal damage and away from its previous version to the patch.

In the Tweet that accompanies these lines you can see one of the demonstrations of your power. It is not necessary for you to use it with concrete accessories: it swepts where it happens without them. Soon it will stop being the queen of Rebirth Island and Caldera .

On the other hand, the double punctuation will be extended throughout this week. Remember that this impulse will be made in all the progress elements of Warzone and Vanguard: profile, weapons, battle precent weekss, operator and clan. At first, his completion wrecent weeks expected on February 21; However, the editor hrecent weeks wanted to reward the community during the following days.

  • Cod Warzone and Vanguard Serecent weekson 2: All the contents of the battle precent weekss
  • Cod Warzone: Notes of the patch of serecent weekson 2; Corrections, improvements…

  • CALL OF DUTY: Warzone resorts to “God mode” to fight against cheats

New soundtracks of person 5 added to Spotify

Two new Persona 5 The soundtracks have arrived today to Spotify. Specifically, the games in question that have now seen their added music to the transmission service include person 5 Real and person 5 Strikers. While the original person 5 the soundtrack has been in Spotify during a decent amount of time at this time, the addition of these two new video game scores represents a greater atlus impulse in recent years to make your music more available.

As of this moment, the music of both person 5 real and person 5 strikers is available to transmit and listen to Spotify. Persona 5 Real is the extended version of 2017 PersonSona 5 and as such, it included a series of new songs that were not seen in the original game. Press 5 Strikers On the other hand, it was a derived from the original. P5 that was focused on action instead of depending on the battle by turns. Much of the music in huelguistas adapts what already seen in person 5 But the game also has a lot of original music.

As mentioned, Persona 5 Real and person 5 Strikers Reach Spotify This is indicative of a larger Atlus initiative in recent memory to carry much of your music to the transmission platforms. In addition to everything person 5 music catalog now in Spotify, the soundtracks of person 2, person 3, _ and _person 4 are also present. Given the love that is the music of the person series in general, this is a big problem for several fans, especially considering that the easiest way to access these scores previously was through YouTube. That all of them are now in Spotify (in addition to Apple Music) is something that will surely appreciate innumerable fanatics.

Are you happy to see that Atlus continues to bring soundtracks from person to Spotify and other transmission platforms over time? Let me know your own reaction to this news in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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