Before the second season of Warzone Pacific, Raven software has decided to make compensation with his community and to undo an unpopular change made with the publication of Caldera. From today, Warzone players can buy 24-drop play stations from the beginning of the game PC player. That’s something that many players asked – and the reactions online were so entertaining as the update itself.

At the beginning of this year, the popular Streamer Kris, Swagg’s Lamberson tweeted the studio and claimed he would “rave software tattoo [HIS] right cheek” if the changes to the purchase of PC players have been reversed 24-drop. It took almost a month until the changes have been made and Ravens Social Media Manager Swagg called to his promise.

As a good sport he is, Swagg pulled through and let Ravens logo tattoo on his butt and tweeted a photo as proof. Raven has made this photo temporarily to her profile picture on Twitter to give all a good insight into Swaggs new ink.

While many fans looked at this as a bit of fun, there were some unprofessional, and Kalei, Kalei ‘Renay, a member of the FAZen clan and Warzone Streamer, used it to address an important point about double morale in the industry.

In a now deleted tweet-thread, Kalei declared that she was “not captain Square began” in a Call of Duty tournament organized by FAZen “because of” About Sexual Tweets “- Raven uses a picture of Swagg Bum as his profile picture.

I never ???? @ Call the obligation

  • FREE SWAGG (@swagg) 4. February 2022

While she asks the fans to think about how it is to be in their situation, she assures the fans that this is not a side wire on their clan colleague Swagg and that they find the whole situation funny.

Aydan, Aydan ‘Conrad by Nysl also found the tattoo amusing and was brave enough to follow Swagg’s assertion with his own, by raven tweeting that he would get a similar tattoo if they would add a warzone ranking mode.

I will get @ravensoftware on my left cheek for a ranked playlist in Warzone tattooed.

  • Nysl Aydan (@aydan) 3. February 2022

#tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #tattooart #tattoodesign #tattoolover #tattooed #tattooshorts #shorts

Zack, Zaner ‘Lane, Tyler, Teeep’ Polchow and Timothy, Timthatatman ‘Betar commented the drop-PC players 24-change themselves and used the social media to express their relief that this unpopular change has been changed.

We do not know how much influence Swagg and his tattoo promise actually had these changes, but maybe there are a few more tattoos with Raven designs for Warzone players who want to improve the Battle Royale.