The lacsta, which was silent about the next work, finally opened his mouth.

February 5, Lak Star Games released a new information on the series through the official site. There was no specific mention of the game, but it can be imparted to the meaning of the lacta officially announced on the sequel for the next task to be released after .

Rock star Games had many inquiries about the subsequent, with the “GTA 5”, with “GTA 5″. Every time we launched a new project, we always put a goal on exceeding the experience we have provided before, ” I am glad that the “GTA> series development is smoothly developed.” We will release new news as “ready.”

The released as PS3 and XBOX 360 in 2013 was achieved a number of degrees through high degrees of freedom, social salva, and dense gameplay, and received criticism and criticism of critics and gamers. Commercially succeeded in 2018, the cumulative 100 million sheets of cumulative sales were exceeded, and it is being served as a high concurrent number of concurrent users as of 2022 through , multiplayer mode. The phrase “unprecedented” referred to in the presentation will also refer to the contents of the phrase.

Rockstar Games CEO FINALLY Announces GTA 6 & Teases Release Date! 2022 Announcement, 2024 Release?

However, because it has been steadily popular, there was no news on the subsequent work after 9 years after the release. Through a number of media and analysts, the rumor has continued to emerge, but Rock Star Games has been in a formal mention so far.

In addition, Rock Star Games also introduced the next generation of , which is scheduled to be released on March 15, on March 15, PS5, XBOX Series X | S. The next generation of versions will provide 4K resolution, 60 frames, texture enhancements, and new graphics settings introduced by HDR and Ray tracing. Multiplayer Mode In addition, various improvements, including new tutorials, according to the next generation of versions are introduced.