Cerfrose is a Pokémon resembling a reindeer pookemon go. The creature has big woods, and if you catch it during the holiday season, there is a chance that you capture one with bells wound around his neck, But Pokémon is available all year round. You have some options to make sure you increase your chances of capturing the Pokémon.

Best way to capture cerfrose. The best approach to catch this Pokémon is to look in urban areas, car parks and universities. You want to look around in places where you promote yourself nonchalantly in the area. Unlike ice type pokemon, water, fire or ghost, you are looking for nothing unusual. Spend time in the middle of cities and suburbs and try to find ideal conditions outside a windy or rainy day.

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Always count on the berries. When you pinch a cergossom, you must make sure to throw a few berries so that it becomes friendly to you. It is always useful to have some in reserve, so you can keep them satisfied and reduce their aggression towards you. Now that you use berries for your friends, you may not have as much as usual in your inventory.

Cerfrose weaknesses. Cerfrousse is a normal-type pokémon, so when you capture it, you will see that it takes a large amount of damage against fight type pokemon. However, it does not undergo as much damage of ghost type attacks and Pokémon.


Pokémon eggs 5km. If you encounter difficulties in locating a cerfrose in nature and you want to increase your chances, you can increase your chances while walking with a 5 km egg in your incubator. The Stanters are likely to come out of these eggs, but there is a vast pool of potential Pokémon linked, so you do not want to cover your bets with. These are a great way to help you if you walk, but do not put all your chips to capture a cerfrose by hatching one of these eggs.