With the announcement earlier than Sony seeks to produce 10 million PlayStation 5 units for this winter, Digi Times has now reported that a backend console supplier says that the material manufacturer thinks he will sell at least at least 120 million units of the console, after five years on the market.

Sources from the supplier’s point of sale are expecting Sony to reduce the life of the traditional five-year console, but also that Sony will aim for sale 120 to 170 million PS5 units within this period. If done, the new generation console will probably sell more than PlayStation 4, which has recently reached more than 110 million units sold, since its arrival in 2013.

Although 170 million units seem to be an incredibly difficult feat, it could mean that Sony plans to sell its next console at a more user-friendly price. Anyway, it is expected that the PlayStation 5 outclasses its competitor, the Xbox Series X, which Microsoft seeks to sell at least 60 million units during its life.

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However, in June, Analyst firm Ampere Analysis had predicted that the new generation machines market would be much quieter than that of its predecessors, because it thinks that PlayStation 5 will continue to sell a disappointing number of 66 million units. By 2024. Although the company’s report indicates that the price will not play a major role in sales.