Murat Sancak, President of the Turkish first divisionman Adana Demirspor, has betrayed that his club in the past winter transfer window was about to commit Midfielstar Dele Alli.

“We had a deal with Tottenham because of Dele Alli,” Sancak said in a live video at Instagram. “He should come in a lending, his older brother was even in Turkey. The transfer was almost through.”

Ultimately, Alli, who has not played the desired lead by Tottenham, did not play the desired lead role, but still over and moved to FC Everton instead of Adana. “Frank Lampard took over Everton and so the transfer was not concluded,” explains Sancak.

Lampard signed his contract at the Deadline Day at Everton and Alli is considered his absolute wish player. In 2017, he had said as a TV expert about the 25-year-old Englishman: “Dele is a special player. He is better than me when I was 20, that’s clear. He’s the world to feet.”

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At Adana, Alli would be met on striker Mario Balotelli among others. The Italian has achieved eight goals until this season and thus a large proportion of the fact that Demirspor is in the Süper lig in fourth place.