The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto “as soon as possible”, “explosion play repo”.

This time, ARROWFIST GAMES has developed, is publisher, and on January 28, 2022, the contents of the raw content for Hakusura ADV “ DEFLECTOR ” that has been released early access to PC (Windows) at STEAM I want to deliver.

# What is “DEFLECTOR”?

This work is an action adventure with plenty of Hakusura and rogue elements that will destroy the approaching virus. On the stage of the experimental environment, the player operates the sample “specimen” to run through the map generated randomly while strengthening yourself.

While being the stage of early access, it was a play experience that was already sufficiently completion, such as “tradial defense” and “trade-off strategicity” and “upgrade elements” in the battle. Let’s introduce it immediately.

# About setting

The setting items will line orthodox contents such as video, audio, control and language. Operation systems that can also set keycomdings are compatible with keyboards and mice and controllers, and personally played in the former from the good response.

Unfortunately the language is not Japanese. Since this work basically, the battle is main and the explanatory sentence displayed when strengthening capacity is also a simple sentence, so even if you play in English, you may not have a hard time to play. In addition, as the story is also a flavor that comes out of fragmentally from the information obtained fragmentally during capture, it is a impression that there is no major impact on it.

# Tutorial is a big deal

The difficulty level of this work is relatively high, so it may be a player who is familiar with the action, and people who are not. However, I think that is a salt plum ** that can feel the response of growth steadily.

The capture climax was that the basic elements learned in the tutorial are properly practiced. However, in the flow operation only to follow the instructions that appear, the tutorial of this work was very important in map capture that can be strategic selection.

# Research and grow

From the title screen, the first time the experiment starts, research and specimens will line. A map capture that can be spent in the battle starts by choosing the start of the experiment, and the item item contains the unlocked release list due to so-called results.

Under such circumstances studies are important elements that can not be captured . In the item, tabs such as Immunity (immunity) “” Adaptability (adaptability) “and” Mutation “are lined up, each of which is mainly the basic capacity of the sample, the shop price price reduction, and the capacity bonus can be upgraded. increase.

Research requires a cost that can be acquired during map capture, “DNA (gene)”, and the early stages may be difficult to gather. However, even if the acquired gene can be brought back on the way, it is salvation that there is a merit that retry many times.

Personally, I was upgrading focusing on physical strength at the head of “some damage to some degrees”. The more you’re going to get caught the fierce, so I want to keep it with a reliable power-up.

# Strategicity required for map capture

Capture start. Select “Start Experiment” from the menu, select the operation character Specimen (currently all four, unlocked expression), and head to a start point called HUB.

I have access to each map from here, but only one is. If you clear it, other maps will be released.

Maps called Living Entrails

There are multiple stages in the map, and the contents of each stage are random except for some.

At the end, the boss is standby, and as a point of capture, I feel that how much he can preserve or upgrade how much the ability is possible.

If you clear the stage, you can choose from there…. Although each stage is prepared for reward items and combat rules, players will be bothered by a balance.

Remuneration is briefly organized, and three types of “DNA” “Cell” and “Mutation”. DNA is the above-mentioned research upgrade, Cell is available only in the shop being captured, MUTATION is the content of the ability upgrade available only during capture.

I want to go with an easy route, but the recovery item is a difficult person… When I say, I will do it because of the expression of Kaiji Bar.

From there, thinking is further progressive, and it will give up the DNA that you want to take up as much as possible, and if you want to get rid of the DNA, you will be able to collect Cell in a randomly lined item and collect Cell… I will go to the swamp of my swamp.

If you think about it, there is no Kiri! The tradeoff that suffered from these heads is just a good balance, but it is interesting in this work.

# Simple, Don’t, and high speed combat…… Movement is calm

The battle is a very simple operation based on four movements such as “attack” “defense” “dash” and “special skill”. However, it will be a point of capture how to combine them to process self-or other attacks.

When the player’s physical strength is exhausted by the player, however, no matter how many capture maps are in progress, even if they were reached to the boss. Other than DNA, all Cell and capabilities have been lost, and will be reed from the beginning.

Therefore, it is important to combat “How do you reduce your physical strength” on shaft. Of course it is attacking to win, but personally it is important to defense.

Because the defense is to bounce the enemy’s attack and damage it, and even if it is a Boomerang attack (in the early SPECIMEN), it can be used as a real damage source, with a bounce back and return to the enemy. **

On the other hand, the main attack of the enemy is a single shot, a continuous shot, shot cancer, or a self-destruct from an assault, or a tentacle attack and its variation. When the enemy appears more than one, the screen is filled with a barrage like STG.

Personally, it takes time, but as much as possible, it was safely saved to the other party. In addition, it is less likely to get caught up with the opponent’s attack without getting worthwhile, and it was less damaged.

However, boss matches can not say such tricky movement, so it is important to keep moving anyway.

Some stages, enemies’ yellow energy bullets can not bounce. Therefore, the avoidance behavior at which invincible time occurs is also important.

If you are avoiding, you can also get a stage gimmick that is usually damaged.

# Mutation advantageously

“Immunity” is an important upgrade item for strengthening specimen, “Immunity”, which is available through stage capture rewards and shops.

Once roughly, three types of attack power, defense, basic capacity, for example, “ability itself is enhanced”, etc. “The ability of the ability itself is enhanced”, etc. Each fine effect is set.

These are all randomly emerged and when the route selection on the map is selected, it can be expected to be what kind of rewards, but it is unknown about what item of what effect is actually available. It is also possible to arrange it in the shop, but because it is random, it is extremely difficult to get the targeted items and strengthen it planned.

If you get an item, it will be displayed as a block (tile?) On such a dedicated screen. Each block has an empty slot that extends to one of four directions, and you can set another block to that slot.

Here, interesting is a system that randomly, powerful “additional skills” are released by arranging these blocks from the initial position. Since the skills can not be achieved by arranging skills without thinking, strategic judgments are also required here.

in conclusion

Strategic decisions “** Risks to or safe to” in this work are required not only for combat but also the entire capture. Because this basic stance is thoroughly complete, this work is deeper with the simple components. It is the best taste to promote capture while worrying about your head.