World of Warcraft has been serving many cosplay artists as a source of inspiration for decades. In the network countless photos and videos with fantastic costumes , which bring the great world of World of Warcraft to life. Today we introduce you to an exceptional cosplay project, in which the finest shurquin Lillian Voss is the focus. But who exactly was Lillian again?

Untot against will

Lillian Voss is today CALIA MENETHIL as a consultant to the side. Source: external Lillian Voss is a gloomy heroine of the abandoned, which, like any other Undead, hounds with her fate. Once she was the daughter of a well-known leader of the scarlet crusade. High Priest Benedictus Voss raised his daughter Lillian to a deadly assassin who cleared every opponent of the crusade out of the way. But it came as it had to come. Lillian got himself in the catches of the Untod.

First, she denied her dark rebirth as abandoned. Over time, she had to accept her new life. Routed, Lillian destroyed many enclaves of the scarlet crusade and did not stop even before her own father. After Lillian Revenge took his father, she disappeared for a long time in the wilderness.

Lillian we met again in Scholomance. She was there to put DarkMeister Gandling the craft. The villain, however, used a necromantic spell and underwear Lillian his will. Luckily we can free Lillian from Gandlings catches. The Undead remained in Scholomance to hunt the remaining necromancers. Later, the Schurkin closes the abandoned and the Horde. Today she stands Calia Menethil, the new leader of the undead , as a consultant to the side.

Ochako Cosplay Pink like lilies #shorts

A Cosplay masterpiece!

Lillian Voss is a WOW figure with a moving story. Nevertheless, there was no cosplay artist so far, which Lillian took the model. Sure, Voss is not classic beauty. Her face and body are dotted with tens of scars. There are still the fire and magic effects that are certainly not easy to represent. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce you to the Cosplay masterpiece of Aurorakittty. She has dared to the difficult costume project and presents her own version of Lillian Voss on Reddit. ENJOY!

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In the game Lillian carries the animal 8 set of the villain of Ulduar. The artist modeled single armor parts made of Eva foam plates and Worbla and added the costume with leather accessories **** and fabric. The fire and magic effects were then added to Photoshop.

How do you like the Cosplay of Aurorakittty? Do you also mean that there should be more extraordinary cosplay projects? Or should the Cosplayers prefer to stay with classic WOW figures like Sylvanas, Tyrande, Turalyon and Co. ? Maybe you even did your own wow cosplay. Write us in the comments!

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