In this guide at Call of Duty Warzone Pacific you will learn:

  • Which weapons are currently most strongest
  • Through which properties you are characterized
  • How the optimal loadout looks for the respective weapon

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COD Warzone has now over a handsome weapon arsenal , which grows further with every season. In the large number of assault rifles, machine guns and sniper guns and the constant buffs and nerfs, it is no longer so easy to keep track of the overview.

In our guide you will learn which weapons in COD Warzone Pacific are currently best and with which Loadout you get the maximum out of them. We also tell you which shoots in the community are currently among the most popular weapons.

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific: The most popular weapons in Season 1

With the integration of COD Vanguard in Warzone, a lot of new weapons came into play. Currently, the Vanguard weapons are among the most popular weapons at all, including about the MP-40, the BREN or the Cooper Carabiner.

The following table shows the 30 most popular community weapons based on the pick rate. [Data via WZ ranked, as of: January 29, 2022]

Rank Weapon Type Pick-Rate
1 MP 40 (VG) MP 16.35%
2 BREN (VG) LMG 10.19%
3 Cooper Carabiner (VG) SG 7.84%
4 Kar 98K (MW) DMR 7.43%
5 Swiss K31 (CW) Sniper 6.41%
6 STG44 (VG) SG 5.89%
7 Kilo 141 (MW) SG 2.53%
8 Gray 5.56 (MW) SG 2.49%
9 PPSH-41 (VG) MP 2.07%
10 M13 (MW) SG 1.97%
11 M4A1 (MW) SG 1.85%
12 AK-47 (CW) SG 1.83%
13 XM4 (CW) SG 1.66%
Rank Weapon Type Pick-Rate
14 Bar (VG) SG 1.60%
15 Mac-10 (CW) MP 1.48%
16 Robot (VG) SG 1.48%
17 Owen-MP (VG) MP 1.47%
18 KAR98K (VG) Sniper 1.42%
19 Fara 83 (CW) SG 1.33%
20 OTS 9 (CW) MP 1.25%
21 Welgun (VG) MP 1.23%
22 C58 (CW) SG 1.14%
23 HDR (MW) Sniper 1.09%
24 MP5 (MW) MP 1.05%
25 Krig 6 (CW) SG 0.99%

COD Warzone Pacific: The Best Season 1 Weapons with Loadout

MP 40 (VG) [MP]

The MP 40 is currently the most widely used weapon in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. The machine gun has little recoil, you are very mobile with the weapon and the time-to-kill is under half a second. If the MP 40 still slides as long as possible, because already at the start of Season 2 it could hail nerfs for these over-MP.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : recoil booster
  • Run : Krausnick 221mm 01b
  • Visor : Krausnickiso1M
  • Shank: Krausnick 33m folding frame
  • underflow : M1930 Strife angled
  • Magazine : 7,62-Gorenko 45-shot magazine
  • Ammunition Type : Brand
  • Handle : Kerbter Handle
  • EXTRA : Quiet
  • Extra 2 : fast


The BREN counts next to the MP 40 in Season 1 to the strongest weapons at all. The lightweight machine gun is a little sluggish, but the damage and the high fire rate of the BREN are absolute madness. In our setup, we trim the machine gun on ZV speed and a lower recoil.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : mercury silencer
  • Run : Queen’s 705mm Royal
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: Oakenschild 12B
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : British.303 100-shot drums
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : Leather handle
  • EXTRA : Fixed handle
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

KAR 98K (MW) [DMR]

Also in the first season of Cod Warzone Pacific is the Kar 98K from Modern Warfare is still a popular and above all powerful sniper rifle. The strengths of the rifle include the extremely high projectile speed, excellent mobility and enormously high damage. Even on long distances, the Kar 98K kills with only one shot – with a headshot. But even on medium distances, the sniper rifle is a very good weapon thanks to its high ZV speed.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : Muffler (monolith)
  • Run : Singuard custom-made 27.6 “
  • Laser : Tactical laser
  • Visor: Riflescope
  • Shank : FTAC sports wedge

Cooper Carabiner (VG) [Storm Rifle]

The Cooper Carabiner is a storm rifle from Call of Duty Vanguard, which is especially for short distance. Thanks to its high mobility, it almost feels like a machine gun, but has significantly more wumms and a correspondingly low time-to-kill. Since the Cooper carabiner dominates in melee, but weakened on medium and high distances, we try our loadout to improve the accuracy of the assault rifle at greater distance.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : MX silencer
  • Run : 22 “Cooper own
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: Cooper 45W
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : 9mm 60-Shot Crumble
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : Leather handle
  • EXTRA : Fixed handle
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

Swiss K31 (CW) [Sniper]

Anyone who is not really warm with the Kar 98k has an excellent alternative with the Sniper rifle KNISTER K31. This repeating bush offers you a high accuracy and a high fire rate. This makes it perfect for aggressive sniping. With our setup you are well equipped for struggles on a medium distance.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : Gru-muzzle fire damper
  • Run : 24.9 “Combat Enlightenment
  • Laser : SWAT-5MW Laser Marker
  • underflow : grinding bowl handle
  • Handle : snake transition

STG44 (VG) [Storm Rifle]

The STG44 is in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific the second most secure assault rifle according to the Cooper Carabiner – and not without reason. The STG44 has a low TTK and is really nice. In our Loadout we sacrifice a little of mobility, but get better recoil control as well as greater range and accuracy.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : F8 stabilization
  • Run : VDD 760mm 05b
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: VDD 27 precision
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : Short 8mm 60-Shot Drum
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : Polymer handle
  • Extra : Vital
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

AK-47 (CW) [Storm Rifle]

The AK-47 from Black Ops Cold was one of the most icic weapons of the series and again this season a good pick for assault rifle fans. The rifle is known for its brachial firepower and low TTK. However, you have to accept a pretty high recoil. Our Loadout for the AK-47 is therefore focused mainly on recoil reduction.

Recommended LoadOut:

* mouth : Gru-muzzle fire damper
* Run : 20 “SpecNas RPK Run
* Visor : Axial Arms X3
* underflow : Speznas handle
* Munition: 45 shot

Welgun (VG) [MP]

The Welgun is a new machine gun from Call of Duty Vanguard, which – as usual for machine guns – plays its strength especially for a short distance. With the Welgun you are super mobile on the battlefield, but the fire rate of the machine gun could be slightly higher. We compete this weakness in our loadout.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : recoil booster
  • Run : 320mm-Sa veil
  • Visor : Slate Reflector
  • Shank: Gawain skeleton
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : 9mm 64-Shot Magazine
  • Ammunition Type : Brand
  • Handle : Polymer handle
  • Extra : delusion
  • Extra 2 : fast

Bar (VG) [Storm Rifle]

The bar is currently not in the top 10 most popular weapons in Cod Warzone Pacific, but is a real insider tip. With the right loadout you transform the assault rifle in a killer machine, which even on greater distance opponents.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : F8 stabilization
  • Run : CGC 27 “2B
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: Cooper SP
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine :.50-BMG magazine (40 shots)
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : rubber grip
  • EXTRA : Fingering
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

OTS 9 (CW) [Machine Gun]

High fire rate and low recoil – this combination made the OTS 9 one of the best machine guns in Season 6. And in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, the weapon is still one of the strongest MPS. Thanks to the nidery TTK, you shaved on short distance your enemies easily.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : Gru-muzzle fire damper
  • Run : 8.1 “Detailed Command
  • laser : Tiger team headlight
  • Munition : Fast VDV 40-shot magazine
  • Shank: KGB skelea

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