A victory from the last five league games is the current yield Waldhof Mannheim. A supposedly poor balance sheet for the great goals of the traditional association. Glöckner takes the situation but loosely. “You can always turn the statistics a lot of negative or rather positive. I am one who thinks you have to judge positively.” According to this attitude, his conclusion also fell from the 1: 1 point division in Meppen: “Bring a point here in Meppen, there is always a good thing.”

Ethics vs Morality (Philosophical Distinctions)

Heads after the residue top

Especially the reaction of his team to the early residue I impressed him: “Normally, the heads go down, with us it was elsewhere today.” In fact, his team had worked in the game after the 0: 1 and controlled the game events over wide stretches of the first halves. Thus, Mannheim deservedly “after the 1: 1 still the one or the other good chance we worked out, which we unfortunately did not do”.

The coach received the coach from his protégé Alexander Rossipal, who also emphasized that one had to take a 1-1 in Meppen first. Also for the outer defender, there have been a few moments “shortly after the half and shortly before the break in which we could have done in the lead”, yet he was “satisfied first,” as the reaction Mannheims after the English week and “the damper On Tuesday “was good and” for the morality “of the team speak.

Mannheim with a “step in the right direction”

On the other hand, due to this “defiance” and the will of his protégés, “to accept,” not to accept that we are 0: 1 behind, “said Glöckner, despite the missed jump on the relegation place” on the whole satisfied “. And also on a final conclusion, the 45-year-old and its outer chest were able to agree: “One step in the right direction.”