Graphics card is a two-year tea. Despite the value of the virtualization lungs, there were many gamers suffered by a graphics card for a graphics card that could not be seen, but even if they could not see anyone who can not even see any1. Since last week, the price of virtualized lungs is falling since it is falling to the lowest, but only the magazine of the graphics card is only a lot of magazine, and it is still a lot of IT fans.

It is true that the price of the graphics card is gradually falling because of the largest part of the virtualization inclusion, but the personal idea is “I will take a little time yet.” The price of IT parts is easily uploaded, but falling slowly. It is a free machine from time constraints that are different from the foods that exist immediately after production. If you have a new product, you will have a great influence on your new product. The value of that product is relatively lower, and absolute performance is not falling.

The gamers that were jammed as a variety of ways due to the rule of graphics cards were bloomed in various ways. “The cheapest price is now I need,” he said, “As a high-end model of the latest RTX 30 Series, users who are facing front-to-face, There was also gamers. I do not even look at the PC game until I fell more than half of the selling price, and the gamers who turned on the console gamers, hold an old graphics card and turn on the game before turning on the game, the gamers who raise a big temple to raise a big temple today.

Among many choices, the part I thought was the most reasonable is Laptop . In fact, I enjoy the game, but I choose a laptop with a tea letter, but I have nothing to do with the laptop. Even if the market is thawed, the use of the laptop is slightly different from the PC.

So I prepared. Characteristics of the characteristics of the characteristics of the price! Due to the nature of the field of laptops, there are too many factors that should be subjective to be subjective, so there may be somewhat personal opinions, but in the case of choosing a laptop immediately after the snow, I would not have the help in the IT Ben family. Let’s start.

600,000 won: Basic office work, more than anything else’s portability
[Advantages] Cheap, light, usually used near the essence of known laptops
[Disadvantages] High-end work such as games as low as specifications
[Recommendation] I do not know the classic game.. Low protection online game

If the desired product is a ‘mobile PC’, a new price of a low price and a laptop, it is recommended to pay attention to the products. The price is also cheaper and weighs a list of products within 2 kg of the product so that it can be faithful to the role that can be able to surf a simple web anytime, anytime, anywhere.

One thing, the product introduction is to match the price range, so if you are considering the resin, you are also recommended to choose from Intel 11th generation i5 or Ryzhou product if you are considering the quality game. In the case of Intel, the internal graphics performance of the mobile processor has been greatly improved, and the built-in graphics performance of the Rizan mobile processor is also excellent.

First, ‘Lenovo Idea Pad Slim 3’ is a product of a caustic cost that can node his head if it is a user who searched for an office laptop. It is also possible to utilize versatility through a hinge that is tilted until 180 degrees and can be used to suit the taste of Intel and AMD, and a higher performance processor. However, it is better to note that the model with a large display of 15.6 is 1.65 kg of weight, so it is a very popular that 1.46kg of 14 is more popular because it is unfortunate.

The strong 14-inch laptop, “HP 14S” is a ridiculous 14-inch notebook, “HP 14S” is overwhelmingly inverted and lightweight. The model, including the Windows operating system, is not 600,000 won, and 1.33kg is a noticeable product than 1.4kg, which is the standard of lightweight notebook. The 2022 model is opened and you can choose to i5, so it is a product that allows you to make a happy worries if it is a user who needs some internal graphics performance. Just as a very offensive design is a symbol of that model, it can be said that it is a factor that Ho-pilo is a lot.

“Outdoor is also a design that is also a design!” I can recommend the “MSI 2021 Modern 14” model. The price price is more than 50,000 won, but personally is a personal idea that the design is the most trendy of three products. In my standard, there is a lot of unfortunate that it is a little sad, but the model has a lot of opinions that only the manufacturer logo. The product is also a notebook that emphasized the portability of 14 inches on 14 inches.

1 million won: Different difference in dazzling performance with external graphics!
[Benefits] CPU + Integrated performance over an integrated mobile processor through an external graphics configuration
[Disadvantages] The temptation of “Begin Ben” is the most severe section. It’s better to see you.
[Recommended] Low-term online game, or medium ~ Low graphic option steam game

It is the ideal section when you look at the specifications. What kind of charm is a laptop that is not 1 million won? Personal opinions are ideal for purchasing products with external graphics in the lineup. Because the MX450 with MX450, which matches the criteria was quite a lot, the product has not been advantageous in terms of weight. Nowadays, weighing the specs.

MX450 external graphics. When you look at it, you may not have a benchmark’s numbers or performance differences. But in the long term, Windows Laptop Standards CPU + GPU configuration is that the CPU + GPU configuration is less heated compared to the integral mobile processor, and it is that it provides a good environment that has a good performance without throttle. I believe that I believe that the housekeeping of the laptop with MX450 with MX450, and I am also looking at the purchasing angle, but I consider the ultra lightweight product that takes into account the portability of the considering.

Lenovo and HP’s active in this section are eye-catching. Both products offer MX450 external graphics options and, if you are an i5 + MX450 configuration, you can say that there is a high level that there is a high number of different specifications of maple stories, overwatch, and piping through optional compromise. In addition, the two models have recently been a recent discount, and if you have a pretty thought, I recommend you to check it once.

‘Lenovo Idea Pad Slim 5’ is a top model of Slim 3, which is introduced earlier. Intel and AMD, I brought the advantage of the advantage of choosing a variety of CPUs, and the weight of the built-in graphics was almost unrecorded. However, if you raise the specifications from the recently released model or I7 to raise the specifications a little, you will be good to see that you are getting out of the budget of less than 1 million won.

‘HP Pavilion’ is a product that is approximately 50,000 won to 10,000 won, which is about 50,000 won, which is equipped with MX450 external graphics when compared to the idea pad slim 5, which is said to be ahead. However, It will be a high level of high level. The weight is almost similar, but the pavilion side is a very slightly lightweight 1.41kg.

If you want to change the viewpoint, you want to play a product that plays a game, this section is a zone of ‘Lenovo Idea Pad Gaming 3’. Even the weight is 2kg, but you can purchase products that support GTX 1650Ti graphics and 120Hz injectivity at a price that do not exceed 1 million won. Especially, Lenovo is often discounts through the official homepage, and if you try to write a good time, you can also purchase 3050ti-mounted models within 1 million won. You’re just throwing it? I am selling so much now. (Based on 22.01.30)

1.4 million won: Choice of choice, VS Weight
[Advantages] Branch points that are closed by product
[Disadvantages] If I can not accurately resolve the elements I want,
[Recommendation] Ultra light: Frequent workers / gaming: Game of the game system, the combat power of the game, Bag is also compasting!

It is the most difficult amount of gold in choosing a laptop. If you try to catch two rabbits, you can get the amount. That’s why, “Oh, this is as much as this will not be a compromise.” Typically, you will have specifications, portability, design, displays, and brands. Brands and designs will not be a personal taste. The specifications and portability are important.

In this amount, the ultra-lightweight notebook of 1 kg to 1.2kg is beginning to show 1. However, there is a disadvantage that it occurs in terms of specifications compared to the price of more than 1 million won. MX450 + In order to cover the ultra light, it should be thought of as a higher price of a higher price. If you are not a model of 2021, you should see the amount if you are not a model prior to 2021.

If you approach the specification, you can consider the gaming notebook of the early 2kg. GTX 1650s will choose less than 2kg of products, or you will be able to buy a consumer’s tendency to purchase a 2kg in early graphics performance. However, it may not be a good choice if you are considering only the side of the caustic rain due to the presence of the Lenovo Idea Pad Gaming 3, which I introduced earlier.

In the ultra-lightweight laptop sector, the ‘ASUS Zen’ ‘ASUUS Zen’ is typical. This year’s new OLED model, the price is more expensive, but in the case of the UX425 model that was released in the spring last year, it is located within the budget range based on the i7 mobile processor version. It is a product that supports 400nits to 400nits in a neat design without a galderer, and a thin thickness of 13.9mm, which maximizes portability.

On the gaming notebook, the ‘Omen Victus 16.1’ of HP, which was released last year, is also a good choice. Because of vast display, weighs 2.37 kg, but it is an uninterrupted design, 144Hz scales, which is not overall, but is optimized for games with IPS panels and 300nits brightness to 144Hz. As a result, the keyboard of the Omen Laptop products was pretty fun.

There were quite a lot of notebooks of the accumulated amount equipped with external graphics, but it is difficult to recommend when I saw the price performance for prices due to the Lenovo Idea Pad Gaming 3, which I introduced earlier. If you have a design or a separate brand, choose the product, but if you are not it, I would like to listen to the hand of the idea pad gaming 3.

1.8 million won: The notebook we know
[Advantages] It’s just what you know ~?
[Disadvantages] That Salva
[Recommendation] Ultra light: Worker / gaming that is also necessary for photo editing: FHD Limited, I can do what I want to do!

The corresponding amount of notebooks are famous products. It shows the performance of the gaming notebook that many demands and many users think. You can choose the specification model of the ‘Samsung Galaxy North ion 2’ or ‘LG Gram’, which is a domestic ultra-lightweight notebook lineup, and only the OS can be upgraded by selecting 1-2 additional options A section.

There are many types of notebooks here, but only a few points have been different because each global brand is all different. “In this price, you will be able to refer to these models.”

The brand, Aasus Rog, which is expensive, is also in that section. Gaming and portability, price that is not exceeding 2 million won. When I thought of three balances, I do not have a well-balanced product as a ‘Asus Rog Jute Ross G14’. Although the screen is small, the FHD resolution is not uncomfortable, and it is a tired light weight in the gaming notebook called 1.6kg. AMD’s latest Cezan’s high-performance HS CPU and RTX 3060 graphics are installed and support 144Hz. The title of the hexagonal product of the hexagon is a notebook that is really well suited.

‘ASUS ROG Zeppers G15’ is a 1.9kg weight gaming notebook with RTX 3050ti on QHD display. You can just explain G14 to see the weight, but the gaming notebooks that do not exceed 2 kg are not confronts. It is a product to be a good option for G14 specifications, and the performance of G14 is a good option for G14 specifications, which is more enhanced by supporting the weight of the 165Hz compared to G14.

Personally, I wanted to introduce the ‘Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon’, which was waiting for a half years later, Although the price of the mid-1 million won, the external graphics of the MX450 are somewhat shabby, but the strength of this product has adopted the carbon material on a 1.1kg of ultra light weight. I think it is a new model that shows the good part in the yoga slim 7 PRO, which shows the in-sale of the built-in graphics and overwhelming sales volume, which was sold in conventional. Especially, it is attractive as a product that accurately accurately in the case of work, life pattern, and laptop use habits.

You can also consider the ‘MSI GF series’. The weight is 2.6kg, but it is somewhat heavy than other products, but if the price similar to the price, there is a part of the specifications, but the product is that the product is not like a specification. We offer a wide range of options, but you can add options for one or two, so you can get out of the budget scope, so you’ll see only that part.

If you want a high-frequency over 200Hz, you can also consider ‘ASUS TUF DASH F15’. Compared to the similar products, the FHD resolution is unfortunate, but you can choose the option to taste the rate of 240Hz. Weight also belongs to pretty lightweight with a gaming notebook to 2kg.

‘Lenovoriomo 5 Pro’ is a 2.45kg high performance gaming notebook. You can support up to 2TB M.2 NVME SSD on RTX 3070 graphics to build more comfortable gaming environments. Memory can be mounted up to 32GB, but must be verified by model by model. If you do not think of separate portability, it is a product that is excellent in pricing.

2.5 million won: Products that are certain as much as the price!
[Advantages] High-end game? Da Bush! All digestable
[Disadvantages] I do not have a 1kg product that I want to recommend
[Recommendation] High-end latest game? Leave me. My laptop was hungry!

Beginning Graphic Design: Layout & Composition

More than 2 million notebooks are almost attractive. It’s a pleasant to work with a specification that does not have enough specifications, which is not enough to turn the game. However, it is unfortunate that there is no light notebook in the appropriate amount.

There is no new product to introduce the newly introduced product. If you upgrade the specifications such as graphics, memory, and SSDs of the products mentioned below 1.8 million won, this amount is this amount. If you consider a gaming notebook in this section, you can consider one step high QHD resolution. If you are sensitive to the image quality of video or game, this section seems to be especially attractive.

More than 3 million won: This is the Bonton PC or more..
[Advantages] I want to buy every time I search
[Disadvantages] Price is disadvantage
[Recommendation] High performance is a basic, wallet and compromise

This section focuses on symbols, leading skills, and designs of each global company rather than overwhelming performance. It does not mean that performance is not important, but it is said that high-end performance is based on the basis. Because of the explanation, it is better to be a good replacement of a few product images that are personally purchased by purchasing desires. It was time to satisfy the product specifications provided by the manufacturer throughout the disclosure throughout the disclosure, but it was time to satisfy the surrogate, but it was time for the eyes.