Through an informative video by Riot Games, users have been able to know the future that awaits them in Valorant. In a footage entitled “dev diaries” , we were able to know everything that will bring to the Shooter tactico of the US developer for the coming months. Among the novedays, we could know that it will be done changes to different agents to maintain a better balance within the game, as well as the arrival of a new character in the next chapter, as well as a system for fight against toxicity But what has caught our attention has been the intention of add a “clash” ** in order to increase the competitive spirit.

For those who do not know what the Clash is, it is a sporadic “mode” that appeared a few years ago Enleague of Legends who had as the main mission to increase the competitive spirit of the most casual players and less regulars or with Less Elo. This mode has been quite successful in the MOBA and RIOT Q . It seems to add it this time to Valorant , something that could work perfectly ** seeing how the Shooter Tactical of the study works. While it will not be exactly the same as LOL, it will have the same structure and its functionality as to the DRAFT phase will hardly change.

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What In League of Legends during his first weeks of life. It also begins curiosity to know that rewards will be for the winners or losers, since in LOL it does not turn out to be so effective these orbs of winner that even the normal boxes that gives us the game itself for having taken one s in a match. Hopefully the developers put all their effort into improving this ecosystem and we can enjoy as soon as possible of this Clash with Viper, Cypher and company.