EN 2020, UBISOFT Announced that they were working on their own Battle Royale known as Hyper Scape. Months after its release That same year, the French _publisher admitted that this game was not meeting expectations, so that His development team promised that they would be carrying out a series of changes to improve many of their mechanics. Sadly this was not enough, since today ubisoft announced that they will be deactivating their servers forever.

Through a new statement published on the blog of ubisoft , your developers confirmed that from April 28, Hyper Scape servers will be permanently deactivated:

“We have taken the extremely difficult decision to finish the development of Hyper Scape and close its servers as of April 28. We ventured into creating a vertical shooting experience, in closed and high-speed spaces, and we are extremely grateful to the community for accompanying us on this trip. We will be taking key learning from this game for our future products. “

Ubisoft also thanked the community of Hyper Scape for all the support these months, and promise that the legacy of the game, as well as the devotion of the fans, will never be forgotten.

Ubisoft Battle Royale Hyper Scape Bombs & Dies After 1.5 Years & Watch Dogs Legion Ends Support
Editor’s note: If you come to play Hyper Scape at some point, and the truth is that I do not have a great time. The game certainly had potential, but its developers preferred to give more importance to other projects. Who knows, maybe in the future we see some other Royale Battle by Ubisoft.